Another Miley Cyrus Photo Flap: Possible Asian Mockery

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From now on, when someone says "Cheeeese," a voice in Miley Cyrus' head should say, "RUN!"

No, the teen icon has not stripped down for any new half-naked photos.

But she has gotten herself mixed up in another picture controversy, this time by striking a pose that some may interpret as being disrespectful of another culture.

In the shot below, Miley is sitting on the lap of boyfriend Justin Gaston. Along with others, she's pulling her eyelids apart, perhaps in a mocking gesture directed at the facial structure of Asians.

Would the photo above be a big deal if Miley Cyrus were a typical 16-year old? Of course not.

Like Michael Phelps and his bong use, however, celebrities - especially those that peddle their image for fortune and fame - are held to a higher standard.

With that in mind, chime in below: Is Miley acting inappropriately in this picture?


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im a korean american born in new york and i think HER PICTURE IS NOT RACIST!! im not at all offended by this, she seems to be having fun . its stupid that people are actually making a big deal of this. i'm a teenager and i think its normal for friends to take silly pictures as long as its not illegal . and i think the people that are making a big deal of it, are minoritizing themselves . and to define racism its really an act of one race feeling superior to others . clearly, these weren't miley's intentions and she has an asian friend there with her. moreover, my friends and i make fun of each other ALL THE TIME like that and we never take it offensively because we all know wherever we might come from, we're still americans, proud to be different yet the same. hope that clarified for some of you melodramatics. God bless :)


I'm Asian, and I do not agree with those who consider this picture racist. Is it offensive? To some degree, yes. But we really don't have any way of knowing if she was truly making fun of Asians, or just being immature. I do, however, agree that because she is a role model, she should be held to a higher standard than others - and for that reason, Cyrus should refrain from taking any pictures, really, at all. They never turn out well.


i have to disagree with haha on page 1. Its not our business that miley drinks or smokes but she wants to be a good role model for young girls and if she does do this(and i hope she doesnt)if she might have a feeling that her actions may or may not go out to the public... then dont do it at all!


yea shes 16 and shes being silly with some friends and its not that serious. but if you noticed there is only one asian guy there and everybody else is contributing in the face making. Which i think is inconsiderate.there is nothing wrong with having fun but there are consequences for having too much fun. Im not a fan of miley at all but i do understand that she didnt do that to hurt peoples feelings. she just has too be careful.






I'm Asian and really, I don't find this as offensive.. Well, if she made a rude comment towards Asian's then I would.
And she isn't the only one in this picture doing it. The Asian guy is funny.
Anyway, there are Asians who make fun of their own eyes or do this. If you're seriously very insecure about your own ethnicity(if you're asian), then you won't find this funny. And I agree with Brian,
"You know this picture should never have made it to the web. There is a constitutional right to privacy this does include stars. You people that thinks it is are right for star personal pictures to be place on the web are dead wrong. I am not going to make a comment on the picture because only Miley and her friends should have seen it. "


theres an asian in there s why would they bemaking fun deamn ppl are dumbasses these days


Hey guys...really..
I think that this is a big "bad comprehensin"
of the "asian"..Just cuz Miley is famous and
cuz she´s totally UP in the
they wanna is "show them too much"..
Now..if would be other person.. less fame...
and toke a picture in the same mode..!
What will they do?
I know..
they´ll do NOTHING...
Just cuZ"this other person"
isn´t famous...Oh God...
That´s all folks..!!!


agreed, mitäs tosta? mutta kai tässä ymmärretään että kyseessä on juoru-sivusto :D
eli kaikkea turhaa tänne lukemaan.