Another Miley Cyrus Photo Flap: Possible Asian Mockery

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From now on, when someone says "Cheeeese," a voice in Miley Cyrus' head should say, "RUN!"

No, the teen icon has not stripped down for any new half-naked photos.

But she has gotten herself mixed up in another picture controversy, this time by striking a pose that some may interpret as being disrespectful of another culture.

In the shot below, Miley is sitting on the lap of boyfriend Justin Gaston. Along with others, she's pulling her eyelids apart, perhaps in a mocking gesture directed at the facial structure of Asians.

Would the photo above be a big deal if Miley Cyrus were a typical 16-year old? Of course not.

Like Michael Phelps and his bong use, however, celebrities - especially those that peddle their image for fortune and fame - are held to a higher standard.

With that in mind, chime in below: Is Miley acting inappropriately in this picture?


Oh, come on. She, and another friend, are teasing their friend sitting between them who is Asian.


no sure ... I dont fink the asian took it offesnsive coz every1 sittin around him were doin that fing wiv thier eyes he's dumb 2... I still fink miley shouldn't have done that.Shes only 16 and she already catchin up 2 britney spears,o she needs 2 sort her self out,no ones realy a fan of britney nymore so...


you are ugly in that pic


i think people read too much into pictures and saying that the asian guys eyes are wide. like really? is it just white people with big eyes? maybe he didnt know what was going on in the know not all asians have teeny tiny squinty eyes. like you cant really tell if he isnt offended or maybe he just plain doesnt care. miley cyrus sure is messing up a lot. of course people are going to look at her pictures. she took a racy photo before....people are rooting for her to fail. she really didnt clean that up after making fun of selena gomez and demi lovato with her friend and they're wearing really ugly eye liner. thats really dumb. GO SELENA AND DEMI! goodbye miley. time for you to go.


I'm Eurasian, it doesn't bother me. However, I cant help but wonder what would have happened if they all made their lips large (rolled lower lip over and put rolled tounge on top of that) mocking black people. You know all hell would break loose...


i dont belive that she was making fun of asians, but has anyone lese noticed EVERY last one of the people in this photo look copletly and totally wasted! one of the guys is holding alcohol,
i was jw why nobody was ragging on her for "drinking" because of this picture yet, is say just get a life and stop following her and trying to find some story to make up.


What I find funny is the fact that someone thinks I am racist just because I don't think Miley meant to be. I am not racist whatsoever. Just because I think that Miley didn't mean to be, doesn't mean I'm racist. Don't you dare accuse me of anything. Looking at the picture I would guess that she is either high or drunk. I highly doubt that the first thought that popped in her head when her friend took the picture was "Hmm...What can I do to be racist?" Should she apologize? Yes, because obviously it offended people. Do I think it was done intentionally to hurt people, no.


Chris, I also noticed that the Asian guy was purposely opening his eyes wider than usual. Shouldn't he be shamed for mocking Caucasians?!


Are they turning Japanese or Chinese,
This would need to be determined as to which race should sue,
NO..... no one should sue, get a fricking life My mother used to make faces like that and sometimes pushed her nose up Is this woman suing all the comedians too. I am sure she could find something on HBO if she wants to make some more outlandish statements, accusations,
Come on Sixteen, just in high school, have fun, party, make all the faces you want to, you're only young once.


I'm an asian and I'm not realy offended. If anything I think Miley's HOT!!!


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