American Idol Upset Alert: Michael Sarver Moves On!

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American Idol fans played Simon says last night.

Despite a mediocre performance of the over-played Gavin McGraw hit "I Don't Wanna Be" on Tuesday, Michael Sarver has been voted through to season eight's final round. The main reason?

Simon Cowell pretty much told fans to vote that way.

Following Sarver's lackadaisacal audition, Cowell said this oil rig worker was a nice guy who deserved another chance; then - voila! - he becomes one of the week's top three vote getters.

Either America will do whatever Cowell says, or producers simply wanted an early upset this season. Do you think this vote was rigged?

The two most surefire contestants were also voted through to the finals. Alexis Grace and Danny Gokey deserve congratulations for making it to the round of 12.

With a special wild card round set to add a trio of finalists later this season, allow us to begin the campaign now: Anoop Desai for Wild Card!!!


American Idol has really shocked me this season. First with the drop of Jamal and now putting through michael instead of Anoop is very deflating. All i can hope is that he gets through with the wild card cos thats some real talent and i think he could give danny gokey a run for the title.


ricky should have gone on instead of michael.


I don't think the results were rigged, but voters were definitely influenced by Simon's comment. I hope Anoop gets through with the wild card vote!


One moe thing, I would like to see him sing something of Brian White's RebeccaLynn, or Someone else's star


I think they will dress him up like they have done the last seven seasons and he will get the needed training help, and I think he will surprise us all. My best for all his dreams and ambitions....good luck


I think it's divine intervention. Micheal has a heart of gold and has been singing every day of his life. His love of singing got him to where he is today. Simon gave him respect because he deserves it.


Oh, boy... For one thing, it's Gavin DeGraw, not Gavin McGraw. Can tell you're a big music afficionado, huh? And no, I don't think the vote was rigged. And no, I don't think Simon's saying he hoped people voted for him was enough to get him through. I think there are a squillion beer-drinking construction guys, truck drivers, rig wranglers, etc. who would LOVE to see this guy make it as far as they can push him.

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