American Idol Audition of the Day: Alexis Grace

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Alexis Grace successfully auditioned for American Idol during the show's stop in Louisville.

According to the latest round of spoilers, though, this 20-year old mother didn't merely make it to Hollywood:

She'll be part of season eight's top 36 contestants!

Watch Grace's audition below and let us know if you think she's deserving of this spot:


Tell you what - bet the naysayers are eating their words after her top twelve prize... I think it'd be safe to say that's the sexiest shit anyone on Idol has ever sounded... Hell, it's 900% sexier than the vast majority of successful female recording artists currently out there... And - she "dirtied up" just like the judges advised, and boy oh boy did they give the perfect advice...


Alexis has always had a wonderful strong voice and is very deserving of this chance! Alexis make us proud in Memphis girl!!


one of the strongest female voices so far. if she can belt it, might as well show it off. joanna, taylor, and most of the other girl's voices pale in comparison to alexis'. i say definitely deserving.


definetely not deserving. she has absolutely no control over her voice and is way to bragadocious and overly confident. oh well

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