Alison Brie: Leave Miley Cyrus Alone!

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Hannah Montana and Mad Men star Alison Brie has a message for celebrity gossip reporters:

Give Miley Cyrus a break!

Photo of Miley

Brie says the actress has received undue criticism for recent controversial photos in which she makes slanted eyes.

"I think people are too hard on kids in the entertainment industry," Brie told Us Weekly. "It's a really tough industry to be in... If your average Joe was put under a microscope and scrutinized the way Miley Cyrus is, they'd be doing a lot worse."

Alison Brie, your argument makes no sense! If Miley Cyrus were your "average Joe," her pics would never be on the Internet in the first place!

Really, Alison? If that's the case, how come fellow young stars such as Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have not found themselves facing an ounce of scrutiny?

They operate under the same microscope and seem to understand that celebrities will always face a different set of rules than your average Joe. In exchange? They are adored by the public and rich beyond their wildest dreams. Not a bad trade-off.

If Cyrus is old enough to date a 20-year old underwear model, she's old enough to know better.

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OH PLEASE! Miley's a 16-year-old girl first and she gonna do what some 16 year old girls do. TONS of girls has stupid pictures on Myspace and Facebook. The difference between them and Miley is Millions of people won't hear about it or see them. That's what Alison is talking when it comes to scrutiny of the media. Now that doesn't make it alright, but that's also why I'm not surprised by it. And when Alison says "just back off" she is half right. The only reason most people even care is because Miley's famous.


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""If Miley Cyrus were your "average Joe," her pics would never be on the Internet in the first place!" What a stupid fucking argument.


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