Alison Brie: Leave Miley Cyrus Alone!

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Hannah Montana and Mad Men star Alison Brie has a message for celebrity gossip reporters:


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    OH PLEASE! Miley's a 16-year-old girl first and she gonna do what some 16 year old girls do. TONS of girls has stupid pictures on Myspace and Facebook. The difference between them and Miley is Millions of people won't hear about it or see them.

    That's what Alison is talking when it comes to scrutiny of the media. Now that doesn't make it alright, but that's also why I'm not surprised by it.

    And when Alison says "just back off" she is half right. The only reason most people even care is because Miley's famous.


    lindsey iz my sis so srry if she hurt your feelingz but fo realz you have to stop and just be your self werez that person off of hannah montana i mean really all the kidz that watch that show want to follow your footstepz!!!
    thatz all i have to say


    hey guys like i said check this site each day and some did and i wanna say the girl named lindsey is right i mean give a chance like i mean if ur bad plzzz be good and listen to ur parents BUT if ur older like me u dont need to my addres is 7612 usa i moved to america usa so 7612 usa THE STREET IS OSBORN OK GOT IT IM NOT LIEING SO COME along plzzzz


    you people are wrong ok just wrong but lindsey who wrote is right im sorry fans very sorry ok :( im srry fans alot check this site every day a and i will write back to you ok i promise


    hannah what ur doin to ur self is wrong i cant beleve it why r u doin that like i said again i think u needa make ur self die and all the ppl tat love hannah montanh did u know she has a 21 year old boyfriend she broke up with nick Jonas and joe jonas and im 8 years old i go to strack and van tills and read the magesine o ya like i was saying she now what keven jonas i mean hannah stop doin this to ur self please


    ""If Miley Cyrus were your "average Joe," her pics would never be on the Internet in the first place!" What a stupid fucking argument.


    stuped gal ;) hahahaha :-( miley i was ur bigest fan but;( ur doin crazy stuff to ur self plzzz check out this website and look in the mear see ur self ul feel bad k yall bye yall


    hannah ur stuped life all u want is the stuped $1000$ thats what and its me the same gal tats 8 u stuped gal i mean the hoedown throwdown look at ur self in the mear u even have nacked pics of ur self so STOP u stuped dumb boob ur like the stupedest girl ever


    hannah / miley i think what your doin to your self is wrong im srry but i am eight years old so hear this i know about you you have a 21 year old bf so well if u can plzzz stop what ur doin plz stop

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