Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta Lead Woeful American Idol Auditions

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The second round of semifinal auditions on American Idol was almost as much of a waste of two hours as this week's ridiculous special, The Bachelor: The Women Tell All.

Only two performances remotely stood out:

  • Adam Lambert closed the show with a rendition of The Rolling Stones' classic "Satisfaction." The judges were blown away, amazed that the singer could display such a range. We'd be shocked if he weren't voted through to the finals.

Watch his audition below:

  • After giving possibly the most awkward, boring pre-audition interview of all-time, Allison Iraheta took to the stage and rocked out to "Alone" by Heart. “You don’t even know how good you are,” Kara said.

Watch the performance and decide for yourself:

Despite no other contestant really performing well, one more man or woman will be included in the final 12 from this group.

It will likely come down to Matt Giraud, Megan Joy Corkery or Kris Allen. What do you think?


I like Adam bsaeuce he's entertaining. He's weird and reminds me a TON of a young Liberace (the mouth and the smile).I think moley mole mole will be leaving too, and I am glad for it. OVER him.


Perfect work!


its better to have a gurl even she is so young instead of having a relationship to a boy do you get that.... and w8 allison is matured now so its ok... duh..


Adam and Allison are definetly my two favorites. I love both of you keep rocking the stage.


allison wow you are only 16 just for getting here I give it to you besides you get some talent that many can just dream of I hope you make history


Adam and Allison were them only two performers to bring any energy and passion to the show. All the other either crooned or warbled weak renditions of boring songs.


YEAH ADAM ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have watched American Idol since its very first show and I have been waiting for one very special person. There have been many greats but still I have waited for one that I really didnt think would come thru - he did last night! Look at his smile when he sings - the crooked sexy smile, the curl of his lip, his charisma, the eys, that voice which I know will prove to be great. Who does he remind you of - he could be this generations new King of Rock n'Roll! Adam Lambert - I sincerely hope that you are recognized for the potential I know you have. By the way I should know what I am talking about - Im 65 and I have been there with the greats!

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