Whitney Port Visits Tyra Banks Show

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Whitney Port stopped by The Tyra Banks Show to chat about The City, her fashion line, Whitney Eve, her preference between East Coast and West Coast boys.

Her interview airs today. Below are some excerpts ...

On being nervous about cameras taping her personal life: “I am dating [Jay Lyon] on the show. It was something I was nervous about going in. Clearly, I mean, who wants to date while having three cameras around you? I mean, it’s not an ideal situation.”

The adorable Whitney Port poses with the annoying Tyra Banks. That, or a badly-dressed cardboard cutout / wax figure who looks a hell of a lot like Tyra Banks.

On kissing boys on The City: “It’s natural. I feel that if I just let my true feelings show on the show, then I can do no wrong.”

On being able to tell if her date just wants to be famous by being on The City: “You can just tell through time, I feel I have a pretty good intuition. I kind of just sense it, it’s kind of like a gut feeling.”

On her preference when it comes to L.A. boys versus N.Y. boys: “L.A. guys, it’s all about the entertainment industry there. Everyone is kind of on a one tracked mind, you’re in kind of a bubble. Nothing against them, I grew up there, my best friends are there. New York guys just seem a little bit more cultured, a little more motivated, a little step out of the box more, more confident.”

On working for fashion legend Diane Von Furstenberg: “I’m learning so much from her. I feel like she’s established such a brand and such a company that I can learn so much in terms of my own clothing line. So its pretty cool for me right now.”

The City airs Mondays at 10 p.m.

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