The Bachelor Spoiler: Melissa Rycroft Wins?!

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Jason Mesnick has already narrowed the field of candidates to 12 on The Bachelor.

But we have reason to believe we know which of the dozen aspiring trophy wives will receive the final rose at the end of this, the reality show's 13th season.

Theories that Melissa Rycroft - a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader - will be asked to be Mrs. Jason Mesnick were surfacing even before this video, created by a Canadian dude with too much free time, surfaced on the Internets.

See what you think of his theory as it relates to Melissa Rycroft:

Hmm. Not bad sleuthing by this self-depricating Canuck.

This "pinky ring theory" certainly has merit, however, making all the women - or at least the final four - pose with Jason Mesnick as he bends down, pretending to propose is not something we would put past The Bachelor.

So don't panic too much yet, Molly Malaney fans.

Melissa Rycroft will be tough to beat, though, regardless of whether the above theory proves correct. Case in point: The bikini photos below! Click to enlarge!

  • Melissa Rycroft Pic
  • Melissa Rycroft Photo
  • Melissa Rycroft Bikini Photo
  • Melissa Rycroft, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
  • Rycroft, Melissa
  • Melissa Rycroft Picture
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I hope it is Melissa, to me, they make a perfect match, and the pinky ring is on the right hand on the you tube video, also on the date in the blimp and if that is her hand in the final shot, the pinky ring is once again on the right hand


I also believe it's Melissa. It has to do with her fingernails, the color and length match Melissa's. It's weird how we noticed these stupid things. Why can't we just wait and watch the show:)


Melissa is wearing the ring on the wrong hand and in most cases, girls don't switch the hands they wear rings on.


But Stephanie is alot taller than the girl at the end.


Maybe she switches it to the other hand in anticipation of the engagement ring going on. You wouldn't want to distract from the ring-finger bling with the pinky ring right next door.


Yes, that's true, but this pinky ring is on the "right hand NOT the left".


I hate to tell you but Stephanie also wears a pinky ring. Go to You tube and the bachelor 13 there is a interview of her and her little girl in Huntsville Al. You can see the gold pinky ring on the ring hand.