The Bachelor Spoiler: Melissa Rycroft Wins?!

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Jason Mesnick has already narrowed the field of candidates to 12 on The Bachelor.

But we have reason to believe we know which of the dozen aspiring trophy wives will receive the final rose at the end of this, the reality show's 13th season.

Theories that Melissa Rycroft - a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader - will be asked to be Mrs. Jason Mesnick were surfacing even before this video, created by a Canadian dude with too much free time, surfaced on the Internets.

See what you think of his theory as it relates to Melissa Rycroft:

Hmm. Not bad sleuthing by this self-depricating Canuck.

This "pinky ring theory" certainly has merit, however, making all the women - or at least the final four - pose with Jason Mesnick as he bends down, pretending to propose is not something we would put past The Bachelor.

So don't panic too much yet, Molly Malaney fans.

Melissa Rycroft will be tough to beat, though, regardless of whether the above theory proves correct. Case in point: The bikini photos below! Click to enlarge!

Melissa Rycroft Pic
Melissa Rycroft Photo
Melissa Rycroft Bikini Photo
Melissa Rycroft, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
Rycroft, Melissa
Melissa Rycroft Picture

I'm glad he did not pick Jillian, she was to good for him. Jason would probably hate the fact that Jillian was a go getter and left his butt behind.
Melissa is great, she has that heart that could work for a ready made family.
Molly, ugh so fake, it was only at the end that she even mentioned love. and her golf outfit was a little much.
Deanna, is cute, but she had her chance and I doubt Jason will pick her after her last love didn't last long.
The big finale is Melissa's parents show up, that is why they are saying it will remain intimate.
If what they are saying is true about Jason picking Melissa and then cheating with Molly, we can write Jason and ask him if those are traits he will be teaching his son.
all done.....


**Correction at the After the Final Rose Ceremony.


Melissa does win, but Jason breaks up with her in the Final Rose Ceremony and has been seeing Molly behind Melissa's back.


WOW and I thought I was a big fan of the show. I hope you are right and it is Melissa.


Yeah...they're talking about the noises coming from the hot tub with Molly and Jason in sounds like they're farting...didn't you watch it to the end? Jason's obvious choice is could tell from the first show...Melissa had no clips with Jason except for meeting him and add that to the ring, nail and mole video clips. In the first show...they don't show them together but once yet he picks her. They always say (ABC)that they edit the final rose choice the most so as not to give it away. He is also the most "touchy" "feely" with her and he told Jillian that he wanted passion...well he has for Melissa in spades.


All I have to say is the "Canadian" should pay more attention to his abandoned daughter than someone's pinkie ring.


You guys are all wrong Molly is the one that actually wins in the end that is the big twist that they are talking about. The showing of the proposal is fake and is to try to throw people off. It is a positive fake I just can't say how but I will say that Jason 100% chooses Molly.


So funny........that is DeAnna last season.
Go to
and you can see it is the same dress.


Does anyone nottice the "after the final rose" clip were Chris is talking about out of respect for the parties involved they are going to keep it intimate and its the most shocking and emotional thing ever... does anyone know what this is about?!?!? Help!!!


Heads up: Melissa. They make such a cute couple and there is so much chemistry there. No chemistry whatsoever with Molly. Bye Molly.

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