The Bachelor Recap: Roses, Vision Boards and Hot Dogs

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The Hollywood Gossip was thrilled to see The Bachelor return for a 13th season last night - with none other than fan favorite Jason Mesnick the center of attention.

Below is our official (highly editorialized) recap of some of the highlights and lowlights from the season premiere, which was both entertaining and nauseating ...

Plus 10 for obligatory Ty footage, but for not exploiting him too badly.

Note to Renee: Vision boards scare men and not in a good way. Minus 2.

Does anyone have an easier, better job than Chris Harrison? Plus 5.

Minus 13 for Sharon: Quitting your job (in this economy, no less!) for a chance at love with a stranger is one thing; but you were a teacher. Of children. And now you wanna win over a single father? Good luck with that.

Early dark horse to win it all: Molly. The 24-year-old Michigan cutie is smart and sassy - and totally in it for love. You can tell. Plus 11.

Did ABC expect us to believe certain dubbed over segments were being spoken live? Budget cuts in the editing department, guys? Minus 27.

Hey, Raquel: Dancing with the Stars films on a different set. Minus 2.

Jason Mesnick at the Rose Ceremony

Jason Mesnick ponders his difficult decisions pre-Rose Ceremony.

Melissa looks like a skanky Mandy Moore. Nice. Plus 4.

An awful President and THREE Bachelor contestants? Minus 9 for the State of Texas.

Quote of the Night: Our slightly-uncomfortable bachelor's mumbled response to Lauren's government quiz: "Are we really talking about this?" Plus 12.

Plus 8 for Jason Mesnick putting mustard on his hot dog. Not indicative of a damn thing, but the best condiment. Minus 4, though, because what if we like hot dogs plain? Are we not human?! Way to alienate millions of viewers, Jillian.

Plus 15 for ABC's new twist in which the girls thought they were voting off Megan - the first step in admitting the show isn't really about Jason finding love. But Minus 4 for Megan's response. You wonder why peeps hate you.

Minus 5 for Stephanie's obvious face lift, making her the first 34-year-old in Bachelor history to look 54. Our Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Award winner, ladies and gents!

DeAnna Pappas, how did you dump this guy?!? Minus Infinity.

TOTAL: -Infinity (-1)! Not bad for a premiere, which can often be boring. Hopefully things improve in the coming weeks. Leave a comment with your own score!


Um Hello??? Oprah has vision boards and tells everyone to have one...all the sudden they aren't cool? Give me a break. have you heard of editing to make someone look like a quack! Renee was the ONLY normal girl on there who didn't throw herself like a Immature Schoolgirl Whore like those other whackjobs. -5 million to Jason for being so stupid for not seeing how whacked these women are!!!


Does anybody remember the whole hot dog condiment BS? what did the condiments mean again?


I hate DeAnna. I cried last year when she didn't chose Jason and now she comes back. That is crap. Who does she think she is. Jason needs to get rid of her. I will be angry if he picks her in the end.


aww i love jason!!! but i cant beleive that pappas gurl didnt pick him...oh well to bad for her. i cnat wait for the rest of the season!


... And yeah, Stephanie would be a nice catch except for all that botox, and the tattooed eyebrows, the poor thing. I can't come up with a number score, but I have to say it was a pretty good premiere and i can't WAIT to see what happens this season!! I LOOOVE Jason!


Even with the weird hot dog theory, my vote goes to Jillian, i think she's just his type. Adorable, quirky, funny, brunette, smart, talented and warm-hearted. And seriously, I'm sure Meghan is a nice girl (sort of the same way that Leah Remini is a "nice girl" - heh) but she's definitely NOT for Jason. They should have let her go, all the girls hate her, duh, that doesn't say much for her character!


Deanna is nucking futs if she comes back on to beg for his forgiveness. Please kick her to the curb like she did my dude Jess.


Ugh, I disagree. -989023 for having the girls believe they were voting off Meghan. Obviously, she had the most votes for a reason. So why bother sticking around? Jason definitely can't pick her now. -10 for Jason claiming that the girls' opinions are very important to him. Seemed pretty okay with letting Meghan have a rose to me. but... +5 for having good taste in picking the girls.


Bush is not from Texas!!! He was born in Connecticut. Don't blame him on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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