Taylor Swift and The Jonas Brothers Awkwardly Ring in 2009

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Amazingly, the millions of morons that spent New Year's Eve soberly shivering in Times Square, shoulder-to-shoulder with complete strangers, were not the most uncomfortable people in New York City Wednesday night.

For the climactic moment of Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve, Ryan Seacrest assembled an awkward sixtet on stage, just as the ball was dropped.

Here's a look at who rung in 2009 together:

The Jonas Brothers: Baby-faced trio that has sold millions of albums in 2008. Wildly popular rising stars. Makes sense.

Demi Lovato: BFF to all The Jonas Brothers, yet utterly unknown to anyone outside of loyal celebrity gossip readers. Those at the party half our staff attended were more confused about her identity than they were about why anyone would spend New Year's Eve in Times Square.

Lionel Richie: Father of Nicole Richie. Last recorded a commercially successful album in 1986.

Taylor Swift: Ex-girlfriend of Joe Jonas. Has publicly slammed Joe for dumping her over the phone and immediately moving on with actress Camilla Belle.

You really had to watch this group ring in 2009 together in order to truly grasp how awkward it was for everyone involved. Swift turned to the crowd for the duration of the celebration, pretending to wave to fans - but likely contemplating how many bones would break if she jumped.


i think joe was just mean i mean cond't you at lest tell her to her face i mean come on joe .


Team Taylor! I can't believe Joe would do something like that! Well actually I can.


Does anyone think Ryan Seacrest was a little off at the Grammy's?...............


i don't think that joe waz that mean, but it's not like taylor hasn't been that harsh either. let's face it, they were both equally as mean 2 each other... some more than others. lol


i think that is really slack of Joe to dump Taylor when she seems like a nice girl, and that is also slack how he dumped her over the phone i think that he is taking being famous way to much and that he is just uing these girls!!

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