Rihanna & Chris Brown Engaged? Ring Sparks Rumor

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Rihanna and Chris Brown are not dating. At least on the record.

We all know they comprise one of the hottest couples on the planet, jet setting around the world to exotic locations, often semi-clothed. But few, if any official comments regarding of their (sexy!) relationship have been made by the pair.

So what's the deal with the gigantic diamond ring Rihanna wore - on her ring finger, on her left hand - when she left London’s Movida club on New Year’s Day?

According to The UK's Sun, Chris Brown, 20, proposed over the New Year as the couple performed at the O2 Arena. Rihanna, 19, was joined by Brown on stage at Elton John’s New Years Eve party. Her rep, of course, had no comment.

What do you think? Are Rihanna and Chris Brown engaged?

Personally, we have no clue. It wouldn't surprise us, but we only know these two things for sure: 1. Every song either one of them records becomes a big hit instantly, and 2. RiBrown is the sexiest. Click to enlarge some classic pics of the pair:

A Rihanna and Chris Brown Picture
Rihanna, Chris Brown Picture

how on gods green earth u can like him u like he turn from nice boy ta woman beater if u like him u is a real freak u see wat he did to rihanna u would attually take beatings from him u want some thing to do mz brown is that is ur real last name lol lol lol


its betta lookin gurls out here 4 chris brown cough (meaning myself) i got his sexy ass initials i dont like rhianna and like keioan said if da trick readin it and she got sumthing 2 say my ass in detroit 24 7 dats where u can find me at dat piece of wanna b jewlry gone be down da drain


No that is not true first of all they dont go out I go out with Chris Brown They got the names mixed up Keiona not Rihanna that trick need to stop living fake fantatys. She better be glad i dont know where she live I will hurt her. OHH AND RIHANNA IF YOU ARE READING THIS I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT THIS IS NOT A THREAT THIS IS A PROMISE!!!!!


lol, well I would hope if it were an engagemnt or any other ring of significance, Chris would have gotten it fitted properly. I mean its ill fitted, its twisting around her finger. not a good look 4 an expensive piece of jewelry


They have known each other 4 like 4 yrs now so i could understand the attempt but i do have to agree with "queenie" they are still a little too young but yet they are grown azz people making their grown azz decisions so go ahead Chris & RiRi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First of all. Rihanna is 21. Chris Brown is 19.
&& Rihanna has had many different rings om her left ring finger. Seach on google: Rihanna with ring on left finger.


they seam happy together, but why get engaged now? they're both still very young.


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I think CHRIS BREEZY and Rihana would make a good couple.And I wouldn`t be ssuprised Rihana is totally sexy.

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