Report: Tony Romo Cheats on Jessica Simpson in Her Bed

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When Jessica Simpson sits around the house, she REALLY sits around the house; when Tony Romo walks around the house... he also sleeps with other women!

So claims the new issue of Star Magazine, anyway.

According to that fine celebrity gossip publication, after Jessica flew out of Burbank airport on January 16, her boyfriend decided to host a party at her house!

There, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback hooked up with a hot brunette - in Jessica's bed. No word on whether her recent weight gain was a motivating factor.

Shaking That Thing

Tony Romo fist-pumps... when Jessica Simpson leaves town?

The very night Jessica Simpson left town, Tony Romo hit up the invite-only opening of Los Angeles hot spot My House with a posse that included Laguna Beach alumnus Stephen Colletti and Entourage star Kevin Connolly.

To keep the fun going, Romo invited a group of revelers "back to my place," an onlooker said. But when people arrived at the swanky pad at Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills, well, it became obvious that "his place" was that of absent girlfriend Jessica.

As Jessica's gold albums hung on the wall, the party raged on downstairs. But up on the second floor, Tony Romo was enjoying his very own private party, if you know what we mean, with a long haired, olive-skinned cutie. We mean sexually.

"Everyone was talking about it," said the source. "The girls were saying it was so wrong and shady of Tony to cheat on Jessica - especially in her place! I can't believe he would hook up with another woman at his own girlfriend's house."


And if the things that are sent to her, are delivered to her parents house, that is only done when you know your gonna be out of town and noone's home to pick up those packages beubg delivered. Her parents aren't allowed in her home when she's not there, but Tony's their and inviting others over? GET REAL, SOME PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING THE TABLOIDS SPIT OUT!


Clearly thats crap, because Jessica does,nt decorate her home with her gold albums, awards, photo's from past photo shoots, etc. She keeps all those items at her parents house. I remember seeing footage of Jessica at her parents house, on a visit with her mother. They were in a room (possibly Jessica's bedroom at parents house) and her mom was telling her that some kind of delivery had just come for her. They were also looking at some of the things that she had collected over the years. I also know that their father keeps some of those things at his office, I remember him saying so in an interview. That sounds like something a proud parent would do, keeping all her awards, posters, etc., that have accumulated over time. Im no celeb. or anything, but my parents do that with cute and adorable things from my past. The point im making here, is that any women who says she's been in your home, but gets the description of the home wrong, 'SHE'S LYING."


i think tony romo is a hottie i love him so much i wish i was jessica simpson and i would marry him any day of course! :)


ur probably already a slut "dcc"


dont believe anything tabloids tell you!! even if its true i wouldnt wanna be apart of her jacked up family!!! Tony Romo is a hottie i wish i was that long haired olive skinned girl! =)


She still looks great!! I definitely wouldn't kick her out of bed. Tony Romo is an idiot!


Who wouldnt want that hit it..


That is freaking mean and not right,IF Jessica was my girlfreind I would be faithful to her to the end of time!!!!! it just goes to show you that Tony Romo does not know how to keep a girl as Good as Jessica.But I already knew that from the very begining, By the way if your Jessica and you read this,IM a Guitar Player with my own teaching DVDS out and Right now IM trying to get in contact with Jive records or Zomba to become Britney spears guitar player for her upcoming tour in march, IF jive says no to me,Would you need a virtuoso guitar player?...see my Videos on You tube search...KEVIN HALL GUITAR. THANKS KEV.

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