Perez Hilton Does Britney Spears

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Not in the sexual sense, of course.

You know the man doesn't swing that way - which isn't to say there's anything wrong with that, or that his moves in the homemade video featured here aren't sexual in nature. For what it's worth, Perez sure can shake it.

Amid widespread controversy over Britney Spears' new single "If U Seek Amy," the renowned celebrity gossip blogger is responding the only way he knows how: Lip synching and dancing to the song and recording himself doing it.

WARNING: The following video may offend some viewers for two reasons:

  1. Its suggestive title and lyrics, which, when said raidply enough, appear to imply that Britney Spears isn't singing about anyone named Amy.
  2. It features Perez Hilton gyrating like a madman.

Follow the jump to view at your own risk ...

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he needs to work on his thighs


LOVESIT! Love Perez, LOVE Britney, Perez doing Britney?! Delish! So funny! Get a sense of humor!


the dog obviously thinks he's nuts


bahaha. this is hilariously low! what is with the ridiculous dancing? plus maybe next time he should wear pants that have a belt!


can't believe i'm lower myself my commenting but i have to say that people like this obviously have empty lives and low goals , cheap B@st@rd


I think his brain is about the size of beautiful Britney's left nipple.


that was nauseating


WTF is he wearing on his feet? I heard that he's finally going to have his mangina removed next week!

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