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We love to rag on celebrities for the plastic surgery they get, but let's face it, a lot of them keep their figures by working out like madmen! Or women!

Take this star for example. She exercises quite a bit, actually, even if that's not what she's known for or seen doing too often. Can you tell who it is?

This stretching celebrity is ...


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Craig Ferguson is a funny man.

But Megan Wallace Cunningham hopes the host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson has finally started to take marriage seriously.

Ferguson announced on his show last night that he tied the knot with Cunningham, an art dealer, over the holidays. She's the comedian's third wife.

"The wedding took place in Vermont, where they have legalized gay civil unions – and I married a woman," said Ferguson, who showed off his wedding ring and announced: "It's not just bling."

Megan Wallace Cunningham

Just married: Megan Wallace Cunningham and Craig Ferguson!

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Lindsay Lohan has a message for various celebrity gossip outlets around the world: zip it!

The actress has posted a new entry on her MySpace page, once again denying rumors that she and girlfriend Samantha Ronson have called it quits. The blog reads:

My, What a Skank

Little piece of TRUE information: We did NOT break up!

access hollywood, extra, et, every tabloid, page six... AND every GOSSIP website. Get your stories straight please. It's really annoying to have all of your friends emailing you saying, i saw, i read, etc... NOT TRUE.

Alright, alright. We believe you, Lindsay. Now go make a sex tape or something to shift the media attention elsewhere.

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The autopsy of John Travolta and Kelly Preston's 16-year-old son, Jett Travolta, who died Friday morning, has been completed in the Bahamas.

No results have been disclosed, and the official cause of death is still a mystery, though a source close to the investigation into Jett's death told E! News that the coroner's office has preliminarily ruled out any suspicious causes.

"It is not suspicious. The body wouldn't already be turned over to the mortuary if there was anything suspicious," the source said. "There is no foul play."

People reports that a "seizure disorder" claimed the teen's life.

Jett Travolta (1992-2009) with mom Kelly Preston.

The Bahamian Minister of Health, Hubert Minnis, did not say whether or not the autopsy report would be made available to the public.

However, should any red flags have gone up during the autopsy, or any causes of death other than an accident or natural causes be considered, the body would have been held at the hospital pending further tests and toxicology screenings.

As it is, the body of Jett Travolta is currently awaiting transfer to Grand Bahama's Restview Memorial Mortuary, where a viewing may take place today.

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We have bad news for Ross McCall.

And great news for the 3.2 billion other men on the planet (including those of us who may have had a Jennifer Love Hewitt poster in our room at college... and a picture of the actress in our wallet).

JLH Premiere Pic

The Ghost Whisperer star and her fiance have ended their relationship, sources confirm to People Magazine.

"They broke up over the holidays and have ended their engagement," an insider said. "They're both really sad about this. Even their friends are surprised; they seemed really happy. Everyone just wants the best for both of them."

Representatives for Hewitt and McCall had no immediate comment.

However, reports indicate that the the relationship was doomed once Jennifer Love Hewitt realized she was Jennifer Love Hewitt, and that she was engaged to some random bloke named Ross McCall.

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Rihanna and Chris Brown are not dating. At least on the record.

We all know they comprise one of the hottest couples on the planet, jet setting around the world to exotic locations, often semi-clothed. But few, if any official comments regarding of their (sexy!) relationship have been made by the pair.

So what's the deal with the gigantic diamond ring Rihanna wore - on her ring finger, on her left hand - when she left London’s Movida club on New Year’s Day?

According to The UK's Sun, Chris Brown, 20, proposed over the New Year as the couple performed at the O2 Arena. Rihanna, 19, was joined by Brown on stage at Elton John’s New Years Eve party. Her rep, of course, had no comment.

What do you think? Are Rihanna and Chris Brown engaged?

Personally, we have no clue. It wouldn't surprise us, but we only know these two things for sure: 1. Every song either one of them records becomes a big hit instantly, and 2. RiBrown is the sexiest. Click to enlarge some classic pics of the pair:

  • A Rihanna and Chris Brown Picture
  • Rihanna, Chris Brown Picture

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At least we assume it was hacked. If Britney Spears actually posted this message on her Twitter page, well... we wouldn't be all that surprised. The girl was hospitalized twice against her will, remember. Clearly there are a few screws loose up there.

In any case, Sandip Soparrkar or whomever Britney dates next had better take note - going all the way with the Britster could be hazardous to your health.

We're just kidding, though we'd be a little hesitant ourselves. Follow the jump to see what "Britney Spears" had to say via her Twitter page earlier today ...

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Kim Kardashian is kanoodling with New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush.

Khloe Kardashian has konfirmed she's dating Minnesota Timberwolves guard Rashad McCants.

Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick and Mason

This leaves Kourtney Kardashian, the best looking of all three sisters, out in the kold.

Konsidering the plethora of available athletes, however, it shouldn't be too difficult to hook Kourtney up with a sports star, right? We've listed a few options below.

Which athlete should Kourtney Kardashian date?


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Sorry, folks. But the Verne Troyer sex tape wasn't the last you'll hear about this diminutive actor's life between the sheets.

Former Playboy centerfold Genevieve Gallen went into detail with News of the World about her and her ex-husband's activities behind closed doors.

Gallen and Troyer were married for a whole month in 2004, but that was enough time for her to learn the following about her tiny man:

On sex marathons: “We could have sex up to 10 times in a single day. We’d do it for 45 minutes and he would just keep on going as I had orgasm after orgasm.”
On sexual positions: “We had to be creative - but because of my yoga experience I could get into the right positions to make it work.”
On role playing: “I would dress up in my sexiest lingerie every day and try all sorts of role-play games. Sometimes I dressed as a prostitute, other times a cheerleader—and even a schoolgirl.”
On Troyer's penis: “Verne’s body is proportional all over, so he was smaller than I expected.

Genevieve Gallen Photo

Genevieve Gallen was married to Verne Troyer for one month; which, evidently, is approximately the same amount of time that the short actor lasts in bed.

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Jason Mesnick, 32, is a handsome, single dad - the first in the storied history of The Bachelor. Tonight, he begins his reality TV quest for true love and the pursuit of his ultimate soul mate, choosing from among 25 aspiring bachelorettes.

Millions of viewers were stunned when DeAnna Pappas rejected his proposal, as he dropped to one knee to profess his love in the season finale of The Bachelorette.

Jason Mesnick was left brokenhearted, wondering how he could have misjudged DeAnna's intentions, but his fans flocked to support him after the rejection.

Fans rushed to e-mail him in droves, as his story as a single father from Seattle with a three-year-old son, Ty - the apple of his eye - struck a chord with many. Tonight, he will start over - and we know this journey ends with his engagement!

Jason Mesnick on The Bachelor

Jason, the middle son in a family of three boys, would like to start a new family this time around. His older brother, Sean, is married with children.

Jason Mesnick currently lives with his younger brother, Larry, and with Ty.

An account executive in estate and legacy planning, Mesnick says he is looking for a woman who has a real curiosity about the world, who loves life to the fullest and with whom he can share the passion in life's smallest moments.

Open and honest (and did we mention good-looking?), the star of The Bachelor loves sports like swimming, golf, basketball and football. In fact, he used to be a golf pro at a local club. In his spare time, he takes guitar and dance lessons.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, J-Mes moved to Washington State at the age of eight. He has a B.A. in psychology at the University of Washington.

Follow the jump for a slideshow of Jason Mesnick on The Bachelor ...

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