Orlando Bloom: Would You Hit It?

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There was once a time when this was such a no-brainer, it wouldn't even be asked. Orlando Bloom was - and perhaps still is - one of Hollywood's top stud muffins.

Nowadays, though? Well, this picture of the shirtless actor chatting on his phone in between filming Sympathy for Delicious in downtown Los Angeles sums it up.

Well? Would you still... you know? The on-again-off-again boyfriend of Miranda Kerr seems to have put on a few pounds ... and the hair is another topic entirely:

NOrlando Bloom

[Photo Credit: Splash News Online]

Would you hit it?


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He is hot!! And where has he put on a few pounds? Even if he has he still looks really hot!! Btw the no brainer joke is kind of offensive to dyslexics.


orlando it is very pretty


Pounds...where? Hair, tattoos...as stated by post above, they are for the movie role. He is still very hot to me!


I'm with mrm...WHERE has he put on extra pounds?! I'm not a fan of the tattoos or hair, but it's clearly for a movie role...what a dumb post.


He look's Hot to me!! and none og his tatto a grous devon!!


that tattoo is gross!


again, you guys are just lame. where has he "put on a few pounds?" he's looking fantastic to me.

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