Miley Cyrus Earns Wrath of Fashion Experts, God

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Miley Cyrus and her family attended a heavy metal concert this weekend, as the singer was spotted leaving the arena with boyfriend Justin Gaston and mother Tish yesterday.

At least that's what it looks like to us.

Check out the picture of Miley, her headband, torn jeans, plaid button-down and loved ones below and try to figure out from what sort of event they are walking away...

Church Fashion

Where did Miley Cyrus and her family just go?

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Church Goers
Go God!
An Unusual Family
Later, Church!
Rocker Fashion

[Photo Credit: Splash News]


hi im doing a posstion paper on fashion and i would love to
here your opion is it that important do you have any quotes youve heard about fashion and the authors or any thing else about it please let me know


♥ why do you guys always insult at her ?
♥ she's just a normal girl just like the other girl .
♥ everybody makes mistakes .
♥ why do you guys always look at her negative side ?
♥ it's a pleasure to see a bad rummor but it's hard to see somebody smile .
♥ trying to respect all the thing se does .
♥ not only the bad side . //SasoriYuki// Dattebayo!


What is Miley's left hand hanging on to behind her? :0


miley are u ok who would wear thoes jeans u need some style girl!!!!
no wonder nick jonas damp U. go to a style show so u can learne to wear nica,cool and hot clothes!!


you can wear whatever you want to church, God isn't going to care if they're in ripped jeans or their pyjama's!!


who the hell would wear that to church lmao. that outfit should be in the thou shalt not section .


Poor Justin....the guy is used like a tool here...a broom actually..he has no self esteem? hugh..yuck!

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