Katy Perry Nude Photo Allegedly Surfaces

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It's only a matter of time. Every so often, some celebrity will go wild on tape, and the result - nude pics and videos - hit the Interwebs for the masses to ogle.

We're not sure if this one is legit, though.

It certainly looks like Katy Perry nude, standing in front of a mirror in the bathroom and apparently snapping "artistic" naked pictures of herself with a camera.

But is the nude photo - posted by Fleshbot - actually of Katy Perry? If so, is this a deliberate stunt, Adrienne Bailon style, or did someone leak it to sabotage her?

We honestly have no idea at this moment in time. But we hope you'll take a look at the supposed Katy Perry nude pic after the jump and see what you think ...

Katy Perry Nude

Katy Perry kissed a girl, and she liked it, and then she was so inspired that she took this naked picture of herself in the bathroom. Possibly.


It doesn't look like Katy Perry because this was taken WAY before she was even famous. She talked about it on a radio show a while back and said that she was thinking about going into modeling because she needed money, and a while after that picture was released she became a music artist n such.


Katy Perry or not,any straight men that think this girl is not attractive need to question there sexuality.


its not katy perry but id still bend her over and do her


that looks nothin like her; yall messed up on this one


No way are Katys legs that fat, and look how rank the bathroom is, she has better taste, that girls figure is nothing like katys


I don't know what crazy a$$ who posted this is thinking. This looks NOTHING like Katy Perry. Katy is gorgeous. This girl just looks like trash. Maybe he/she should go get some glasses.


taTs sO noT kAtY PerRy kaTy iS waY hoTteR!!!!


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