Jason Mesnick's Bachelor Journey Begins Tonight

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Jason Mesnick, 32, is a handsome, single dad - the first in the storied history of The Bachelor. Tonight, he begins his reality TV quest for true love and the pursuit of his ultimate soul mate, choosing from among 25 aspiring bachelorettes.

Millions of viewers were stunned when DeAnna Pappas rejected his proposal, as he dropped to one knee to profess his love in the season finale of The Bachelorette.

Jason Mesnick was left brokenhearted, wondering how he could have misjudged DeAnna's intentions, but his fans flocked to support him after the rejection.

Fans rushed to e-mail him in droves, as his story as a single father from Seattle with a three-year-old son, Ty - the apple of his eye - struck a chord with many. Tonight, he will start over - and we know this journey ends with his engagement!

Jason Mesnick on The Bachelor

Jason, the middle son in a family of three boys, would like to start a new family this time around. His older brother, Sean, is married with children.

Jason Mesnick currently lives with his younger brother, Larry, and with Ty.

An account executive in estate and legacy planning, Mesnick says he is looking for a woman who has a real curiosity about the world, who loves life to the fullest and with whom he can share the passion in life's smallest moments.

Open and honest (and did we mention good-looking?), the star of The Bachelor loves sports like swimming, golf, basketball and football. In fact, he used to be a golf pro at a local club. In his spare time, he takes guitar and dance lessons.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, J-Mes moved to Washington State at the age of eight. He has a B.A. in psychology at the University of Washington.

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I don't know your source of info. that jillian was the pick and you didn't want to spoil things for us. She has gone home now, so I think Molly is the one he loves. The final pick is going to be very dramatic, with DeAnna on the scene.


Jason will not pick Melissa if he can not meet her parents. He loves her but he is not stupid. He knows what he wants and it is not a mystery family!!That can destroy respect.


Well, Stephanie is gone now and no good mothers left, maybe Jillian because she is at least 29 that is better then the other babies. Then there is DeAnna but she sure has been around. How substantial is that? I guess wwe will see her appearing one of these days.


You may be right about Jillian being the one. She is more mature than Molly and Melissia but I have not seen a romantic connecton. Jason wants a lifetime commitment, I don't see any of the girls ready for that except Stephanie. She lacks some qualities for Jason so I am really concerned for him. He is a man who deserves a match.


I like Stephanie for Jason but she is a little too old. It would have to be a strong connection for that to happen. Will DeAnna Pappas appear on the bachelor to give Jason another chance for her love? I can't decide who is good for Jason. He has too much going in many ways than any of the girls to fit into his life.


AS you may not know, I know who he picked. Jillian is the one. Sorry to spoil the ending.
One word is the clue....STRONG.

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