Inside Pete Doherty's Crack Den

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In beautiful Wiltshire, England, sits a pleasant country estate for rent.

It's worth approximately $1.5 million and offers potential residents peace, tranquility, nine bedrooms, five baths and a $h!tload of filth to navigate through.

Lots of blood stains, too. For good measure.

Welcome to the home of Pete Doherty, a.k.a. the male Amy Winehouse.

It's good to see that despite falling off the celebrity gossip radar in the last year, Pete is still a total lunatic, as new photographs of his house show...

If these walls could talk ... they would probably say some pretty disturbing things about Pete Doherty playing bad music, ODing on crack and mutilating himself.

Filmed as part of an MTV documentary on the singer (they've got their work cut out to top their Britney Spears puff piece), Pete shows he can take train wreck to a new level.

It's hard to believe this is the man who used to ransack Kate Moss nude all the time ... or maybe it isn't. Click to enlarge more photos of Pete at home, and elsewhere:


this website is a peice of crap only talks shitt.. yes doherty has a bad image people think hes nothing but a junkie..but in reality he is the definition of a badasss rocker . hes a great poet,artist, musician and model . amazeing talent.this website is only exploiting his addictions and numerous fellonies. but honestly who doesnt like to get hi haha..hes just like any other great{jim morrison,bob dylan, adam green, sid vicous but with tralent, and kurt cobain] the only difference is that the media did not ruin their profession by exploiteing their rug addictions