Free Daisy!

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His season over, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was seen lugging some serious baggage (Jessica Simpson), while Samsonite herself was carrying some of her own (pray for Daisy) in Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday afternoon.

Samsonite clearly reveled in the photo op, while Romo was apathetic and poor, defenseless Daisy, well, she's just praying someone will notice her plight ...

Jessica Simpson in a Skort
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And another thing, when Jessica's at the airport, and she has to take the dog out so the bag can be checked by security, how often do you see Daisy trying to escape Huh! When has anyone seen that! That dog looks content in her arms!


If daisy was so bothered by being in that bag (that allows her to travel with her owner, instead of being left in an empty home / kennel) then why is it that when ever Jessica says "get in your bag" daisy jumps right in. Dogs that are not happy and well taken care of don't rush to follow instructions like that! That dog even climbs into Jessica's suitcases, and lies down, because they look just like the dog carrier. YOU PEOPLE DON'T SPEAK FOR THE DOG! WHEN HAS THAT DOG EVER TRULLY SEEMED UNHAPPY WITH JESS! NOW PARIS HILTON'S DOG RUN'S AWAY, AND WE DON'T KNOW WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE OTHER PETS SHE HAS. LEAVE JESSICA & DAISY ALONE, SHE'S GOOD TO THAT DOG, AND WHO EVER IS TRYING TO MAKE SOMETHING OF IT, YOUR THE ONE WHO NEEDS THE HELP!