For the Love of Ray J Girls: Take This, Kim Kardashian!

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Coca Rain is just pure sexiness. - Coca Rain

For the Love of Ray J premieres this Monday night on VH1.

Say what you want about the women that introduce themselves to the show's star in the following video, but one thing is clear:

These ladies know their subject.

From Coco Rain to Chardonnay to Marilena, each aspiring subject greets viewers with her best Kim Kardashian sex tape impression.

Watch, enjoy and question whether this reality show truly is the end of humanity...

Wait, there's more from what's sure to be the naughtiest show in the history of television!

Click on the following pictures to take a closer look at the trio of suitors mentioned above. Consider this a still shot preview of the next Ray J sex tape...


Dem darker black girls ugly.


dat one gurl i think ha name is shardnay she need ta get off the show kuz i think she jus wana do it ta him n she aint lookin fa love like he is...she jus in everybodys way!!!ha swimmin suit was kute doe (lol) n when she did da splitz n was bouncin ha booty on da ground she was jus bein plain nasty.... so he need ta elminate ha...


well the show was hot alot of pressure j i hope u fine the right one danger the tatoo make u look danger but u sweet
nice website.


i do not like DANGER


watch videos


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