Crazy Megan Parris Dishes on Jason Mesnick, The Bachelor

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After an unexpected twist in which Jason Mesnick withheld the final rose and sent four aspiring brides packing (when he was only obligated to axe three), Megan Parris found herself booted from The Bachelor, but her memory lingers.

Not necessarily in a good way, but it lingers, alright.

The 25-year-old lacrosse coach and single mom from Sewickley, Pa., made her presence felt from the moment she arrived on The Bachelor in this 13th season.

Still stinging from her ouster, the possibly unstable Megan Parris spoke with a reality TV site about her Bachelor experiences. Some of her observations ...

On Jason Mesnick comparing her experience to his on The Bachelorette: "[Jason] said, 'Don't be afraid that you haven't gotten to know me too well yet, there's plenty of time. I was one of the guys who got to know [DeAnna Pappas] last.'"

Megan Parris

On the twist in which she was voted off by the bachelorettes, only to earn an automatic rose as a result: "Rejection is always painful, especially among people you think you are having a good time with. So I was surprised and hurt."

On casting her vote for Melissa Rycroft that night: "I did, because she's so cute and fun! She was in my limo and I thought 'Wow, this girl and I have a lot in common. I mean, I love her. I was thinking she's probably my biggest competition. So that's how I voted, and she knows that and it's nothing but a compliment."

On shooting herself in the foot, so to speak: "I did, however, express to Jason that I have some commitment issues, which was probably pretty stupid of me to say - and I dubbed myself "the runaway bride," which is a bit extreme."

On kissing J-Mes on the General Hospital set: "It was just awkward."

On the difficulty of connecting with the Seattle single dad: "I couldn't read him... I felt like every conversation he had with all of us was kind of the same."

On her reaction to getting kicked out: "I was extremely confused, because I had just spoken to [Jason Mesnick] and he had basically reassured me of my spot there... He asked what he could potentially see coming on my hometown date to my great little town of Sewickley, Pa., and Pittsburgh and we talked all about that. So I think that he kind of set me up, thinking that was coming."

On her favorites to win now that she's gone: "Jillian is funnest thing in the world! She's so fun, cute and spunky. I knew right way that he had a connection with Jillian, and I knew right away, after his date with [Molly Malaney], that he had a connection with her. I think he really takes to women who are forward."

On her feelings toward Jason Mesnick now: "I'm kind of impartial. I began to question the whole process and the genuity of it... [and] how real it was. I really began to question whether he was really there for love or um, something else."

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i was most upset,on the show,was the child !!
being a single mom myself,i would NEVERintroduce my child to my date's until the relationship was serious. i feelt Jason.selfishly exposed his son to yet Another emotional rollarcoast.
still heartbroken


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