Coming Soon: For the Love of Ray J

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Reality television, here comes Ray J!

The sex tape director has yet to meet anyone that compares to ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian. The result? His very own dating series, titled For the Love of Ray J and set to premiere on Monday, February 2.

The show will air on VH1, and will be produced by the same geniuses behind previous hits such as Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I Love Money and the upcoming Daisy of Love, starring Daisy de la Hoya.

We obviously needn't say anything anything else to promote this wonderful concept. Here's a look at Ray J and his aspiring suitors...

Danger and Cashmere are two of the women that will see if they have what it takes to win over Ray J (i.e. a penchant for sex on camera).


if i wus you ray j i wood pack one girl


ray j wasnt lookin for love because if he was he would have picked unique and he would have also though long and hard stick with your own you have nothing in common with cocktail


I love Unique. She is so much prettier than all of the other girls. She has class and shes smart. I honestly dont think she is a good pic for ray j. I think he might be looking for something a little more crazier, but she seems mad cool.


Unique looks so famliar where is she from?, or has she been on something else??


Sup Fo Sho , danger is my sister an if you dont know her why judge her soback off


I love you unique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


i know Danielle...opps i mean from back in the day....i cant even hate. she was always super goofy and always crackin jokes. I like that she was always down to earth. The pic is pretty cool but she super pretty ass hell in person. She better not act up tho!Peace
Bk all day!


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