Bill O'Reilly vs. Jessica Alba!

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So much for the end of partisan bickering under the Barack Obama era.

When asked by a producer of The O'Reilly Factor if she had a Presidential Inauguration shout-out for host Bill O'Reilly, Jessica Alba replied:

"No, he's kind of an... kind of an a--hole. A little bit."

In the clip above, O'Reilly fires back. After the actress added that she doesn't actually watch O'Reilly's program, the conservative blow hard said:

"[We] believe Miss Alba is misguided and would benefit greatly if she actually did watch The Factor."

Choose a side in this tremendous feud:


Celeb's are idiots. I didn't need Jessica Alba to prove that to me! She is only going by what she has heard about Bill, not by listening to him. If one is armored with the knowledge of truth they are less defensive. Jessica is clueless to what Bill is all about other than a few snipits she may have been exposed to. She called him a news achor on her blog...and he isn't a news anchor - not anymore anyway. So...she is still dumb and uninformed.


LOLOLOL......I love Bill O'Reilly-speak you mind baby. Then cannot stand to hear THE TRUTH. She had NOTHING on her mind she could grab. Stupid celebrities....


Ha, I just broke the Tie...

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