Anne Marie Boskovich: First American Idol Contender

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No offense, Leneshe Young, Joanna Pacitti and other season eight contestants we've seen so far.

But Anne Marie Boskovich looks to be the first American Idol hopeful we can confidently say has a shot to win it all this year.

The beauty auditioned in Jacksonville last night and immediately impressed judges with a quick rendition of a Kara DioGuardi song.

Simon Cowell and company were impressed, asking something of the contender we had never seen before: leave, and return later with a more professional appearance. Boskovich followed this request, came back at the end of the hour with make-up on and truly blew away viewers.

Watch her audition now:

Some background on Anne Marie Boskovich:

  • At age 13, she appeared on the soundtrack for Disney's direct-to-video cartoon, The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. She sang "Part of Your World" over the closing credits;
  • She sang "God Bless America" at the 2003 NBA All-Star Game.
  • She lives in Nashville and works as a waitress/nanny.

Also receiving golden tickets to Hollywood last night were T.K. Hash and Jasmine Murray.


Glad to say that I have hookups with Ann Marie. She's bestfriends with my dad's bestfriend.


Anne Marie is my parents' neighbor and I have known her family for a very long time. I remember hearing her sing up the street and her gorgeous voice would drift down the street to my house. It was like angels were singing. Anne Marie comes from a great family and is so talented. Go AMB!


Wow! She's really great! Right now Im already rooting for her... I hope she become the next American Idol.
Also I wanna ask you what is the first song that she sings at the audtitioned? Thanks! I was mesmerized when she sings it. Thanks a lot. =)


I'm a friend of hers too...ya the editing was bad. but the whole story was funny, and true. anyways she did a KICK ass job. aah shes soooo good!!! KILLED the competition!!!


I'm a friend of ann marie, and the funniest part of her whole audition is the fact of how it was edited... she really did meet a make up artist (one of the auditioner's girlfriends) but that looks like the most fake part... She's such a genuine girl, absolutely stunning, and I can't wait for them to start showing her as the star she is! YAY ANN MARIE!!


LOVED Ann Marie!!! WOW, what a talent. If anyone would like to join up as a fan visit: AND/OR


I think she is going to win American Idol.


how's her story even heartwarming to begin with?!


Of course Idol sets up things! It's a TV show! Anyways, Anne is AMAZING!


I thought she was great, but it felt strange to me that she was able to find a makeup artist like that. I'm becoming suspicious of American Idol's editing. It seems too convenient that many of the last contestants of the day seem to have heartwarming stories.

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