William Balfour Denied Bail; Prosecutors Outline Motive, Timeline For Jennifer Hudson Family Murders

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Chicago Prosecutors say William Balfour killed Jennifer Hudson's brother, mother and nephew because he was angry his estranged wife was dating other men.

At a hearing Wednesday, prosecutors claimed Balfour came to the family's home the morning of the October 24 murders and confronted his estranged wife Julia Hudson.

Balfour and Julia Hudson left together but Balfour returned to the home; the bodies of Hudson's mother and brother were found there later that day.

Darnell Donerson was 57 and Jason Hudson was 29. The body of Julia Hudson's 7-year-old son, Julian King, was found in an SUV three days later.

William Balfour Mug Shot, Reloaded

Although his defense insists William Balfour is innocent, a judge denied bail.

The prosecutor said Balfour - who was the prime suspect in the murder investigation from the beginning - confessed October 24 when asked for an alibi.

According to the Chicago Tribune, prosecutors debunked statements William Balfour made to police, such as the fact that he said he was at home at the time of the grisly murders, but cell phone records place him in Hudson's neighborhood.

Balfour also told police he used public transportation to return home after stopping by Hudson's house earlier in the day, but records show his "L" card had not been used in two days, and he did not appear on any surveillance cameras.

William Balfour also denied having a gun, but multiple witnesses either had seen him with a gun or heard him say he had one.

Prosecutors also said the gun used in the shootings belonged to Jason Hudson and Balfour had taken it without permission from his bedroom month ago.

The suspect's defense attorney, Joshua Kutnick, said there are no witnesses to the shootings, and no connection between Balfour and the weapon.

Balfour's girlfriend told police he confessed and that she saw him with a gun that looked like the murder weapon, sources told the Chicago Tribune.

Balfour - who was charged with three counts of first degree murder and one count of home invasion - is being held at the Stateville Correctional Center.

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This conspiracy involving the Hudson Murders is not going
to work any better than the conspiracy to kill Nicole
Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The persons responsible
will go to prison and possibly receive the death penalty.