The Jonas Brothers to Remain Intact, Adorable

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Phew. Fans of The Jonas Brothers can rest easy.

Following rumors that Nick was leaving the popular singing group, the trio took to its MySpace blog last night shoot down the talk.

At Their Premiere

"There is a rumor that one of us is leaving the group," the brothers wrote. "Not true. We love what we are doing and hope to do it together for a long time."

The Jonas Brothers also blogged about how psyched they were to be nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy this year.

"We completely freaked out when they announced that we were one of the nominees. We STILL can't believe it," they wrote. "The crew from our TV series, [JONAS], even threw us a party the f


It wasn't Nick that ws rumored to be ws Kevin "for a solo album with adult music", but still not true.


Thank God!! I almost wet my pants after that rumor spreaded out I thought the Jonas Brothers were over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!