The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 60

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Welcome, celebrity gossip fans, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, a Friday tradition, now in its 60th week. Who won this week's Caption Contest?

When John Mayer points at a Marley & Me poster, the material is endless. We chose the entry sent in by NotAJohnMayerFan as the winner. Congratulations ...

If John got the leading role instead of Owen, the movie would be called Douchebag and Me.

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"Apparently Jennifer likes to hang out with a dog on set too."


can you believe this guy has gotten around more than i have?


"If John got the leading role instead of Owen, the movie would be called 'Douchebag and Me'."


That's right. They're my lovers! Go on! Take a picture! I dare ya!


"Jen's body is a wonderland--yup, I've been there and done that. Owen only wishes he could explore that, baby!"


Ha! I look way better then him.


I think Jen should date Owen Wilson. They make a better couple than her and John. John seems like such a player.


Look, someone who DOESN'T look like a drug addict. I'm such a catch.


Movie will be a flop!! Owen Wilson sucks!! Jen's movie choices not the best. It will fail it comparison to the book. Skip it!


I date her! That's right I date her, anybody want an interview with me? No?