The Bachelor Spoilers: Jason Mesnick's Quest For Love

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Premiering January 5, Season 13 (!) of The Bachelor promises to bring more surprises and emotional moments than ever as Jason Mesnick narrows down his search for love from 25 women to the one that will capture his heart.

The one he recently announced he is engaged to.

Jason Mesnick's search for love includes:

  • A whirlwind travel schedule where he brings one woman to the Walt Disney Hall for a private performance by R&B superstar Robin Thicke
  • Taking another for a ride over the Los Angeles area in a Goodyear blimp
  • Shutting down Legoland California as he treats one lady to a surprise
  • Wearing a million dollars worth of jewelry
  • Whisking a woman away on a private getaway to Las Vegas for a panoramic helicopter ride over Red Rock Canyon
  • A cozy dinner and a performance by pop singer Kate Voegele
  • Advice from General Hospital stars Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storms, who treat Jason and six women to a behind-the-scenes look at the soap opera and coach the women on technique for on-screen kissing

Supposedly, the last item provides the bachelorettes with a chance to "act" out their secret fantasy with Jason Mesnick. Gals at home, try to contain yourselves!

Jason Mesnick is The Bachelor

Melissa is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! They are perfect together please pick her!! GO MELISSA!!


I HoppeeEEEE that MollYYYY WinSSS shEEEsss AWESOME and ToTalLLLyyyyy DeSeRvEs JaSoN!@!!!!!!!!!!!@


I have to tell you that I have now been subjected to spoilers that would imply that Jason is NOT the person I thought he was which would be really really sad. I had the same experience with Deanna - and have now seen that she is just as hungry for fame and limelight as others, and really this journey was not about finding love - but a way to advance her career. Okay - back to Jason. My understanding is that he chooses Melissa - which in my opinion is what I wanted him to do. Everything about her just seems so sweet. She has a great heart, and a wonderful outlook on life.. .but - ready ladies??? He is gonna pick her - and then leave her for Molly.. worse.. he's gonna secretly date Molly behind her back... WHAT DOES THAT MAKE HIM EXACTLY????


I like Jillian and Molly. Stephanie is such a sweet lady, but I do not think he will pick her. Melissa is the cute little girl next door, but the tears over someone after just three weeks is a little scary. These girls don't realize it is not "all about them". It is also about Jason and his son. Cute and bubbly are great if you want a play mate for your child.
Jason needs a kind, mature lady with a great attitude. Jillian and Molly have those qualities. They are the kind of girls you want your son to date. Melissa seems like a lot of fun, but at some point life steps in and throws you a curve ball. I hope she is ready.


Lynn7, who did Jason choose...did he choose Melissa? She seems nice. I am glad he didn't fall for Deanna's trap...she was horrible to him and deserves whatever she gets.


Although I wanted Deanna to choose Jesse last season, I still liked and respected Jason as a person. However, if it took Deanna choosing the wrong guy to realize who she really loved then, she did what was right by Jesse and let him go. I don't think Deanna has mean or sneaky intensions on talking with with Jason on how she feels. Sometimes it takes the absence of a person to realize what they mean to you.. I would feel different if Jesse had broken up with Deanna and she tried to run back to Jason. That was not the case which leads me to believe her heart is in the right place. With that said, Jason deserves to be happy, if it's meant to be with Deanna, then all the heartache (deanna with brad, Jason with deanna) will be worth it for them. So far on the show, I think Nikki or Melissa would potentially be good candidates for Jason, with Nikki in the lead by a good distance since she seems the most mature and intelligent.


He didn't choose DeAHna.


I watched the show last night. I am very excited for Jason and wish him the best of luck with his engagement. With that being said, WTF is up with Deanna?? Her 15 minutes of fame wasn't enough she has to rain on Jason's parade! Listen, it didn't work with Brad (he didnt want her), she called it quits with Jesse, now she made a mistake and wants Jason back? Give me a friggin break. She made her bed now lie in it.. Get a life! I got one word for her, STALKER.. Don't they have laws against that!


I watched the show last night because I love Jason he is the nicest sweetest guy in the world. I was watching and much to my dismay saw Deanna will be on the show. I always knew she would regret not picking him last season. I really hope Jason does not let her ruin what he can find on the show which for him is hopefully true love. Deanna broke his heart and we all know everyone makes mistakes but it is Jason's turn to find someone who is completely in love with him and of course Ty. I know they keep saying he is engaged I just hope it is not to Deanna. I hope he told her that she had her chance and even though he might still care about her he is moving on. I can't wait to continue to watch the show and see how it pans out. I do wish Jason the best he deserves to be with someone who is honest and true. Good Luck with the engagement Jason!


I think it's horrible that you allow lies on this site. I am the one who shared the information about the photos and I can assure that I did not receive them from a family member. Shame, shame, shame is right. Do you have any idea how you have affected this poor woman with this misleading information?? She has shared nothing with anyone.

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