Seeing Stars: Sean Avery Booted From Team

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In the NHL, you get five-minutes in the penalty box for fighting, two for high-sticking, and thrown off your team for lewd comments about Elisha Cuthbert.

What a great league.

Sean Avery, Elisha Cuthbert

Just 23 games into his four-year, $15.5 million contract, the Dallas Stars say they cannot move forward with loudmouth winger Sean Avery. He will no longer play for the Stars once his six-game suspension by the NHL is completed.

Avery was suspended after he referred to Elisha Cuthbert as his sloppy seconds at an impromptu press conference last month. The actress is now dating Dion Phaneuf of the Calgary Flames, who were set to face off with Dallas that evening.

SORRY, DION PHANEUF: Thanks to Sean Avery's now-infamous comments, when it comes to Elisha Cuthbert, there's no doubt who got there first.

The team will look to help him move on (whatever that means) with his career and his life, co-general manager Brett Hull said. The fact they are willing to risk that loss illustrates just how much of a jackass Avery is viewed as.

In other news, NHL games continue to air on Vs. That's a TV network.


Sean Avery is a tool!!!
Not only does his team not want him no other team does either or any minor league teams.
It wasn't the first time he ran at the mouth acting like he was in the WWF.. It seems to be a common occurrence that beautiful woman date him and then dump him for someone better!!


that ho probably hired an attorney to get him kicked off the team.


Dallas is officially the worst team in their division and they are kicking Avery off the team for a comment he made OFF the ice?! Ridiculous! This will probably work out for Avery b/c now maybe he'll get traded to a team that will make it to the playoffs. He can come on over to my team, we could use the help this year!


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