Robert Pattinson Underwear Photo: Real or Fake?

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No, seriously, we're asking.

Ever since this mysterious photo of Robert Pattinson showing off his package surfaced on Perez Hilton, we've been trying to ascertain its authenticity.

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Like the picture we posted of Zac Efron nude, this one has sparked various opinions among our interns. Everyone agrees that Robert Pattinson is smokin' hot - but is this photo for real, or just something nice to imagine? You tell us ...

Is this Robert Pattinson photo real or fake?



as a photographer it is my opinion it is real. the lighting is too well matched to be fake. and had it been a fake im sure they would have given him more muscle tone just to make it more appealing. as for missing moles, moles tend to disappear with distance and lighting.


It is real look at his head and chest it is cute the people that are saying it aint real you are freakin stupid


It is totly real he is hot with shirt off the people that are sayin it wouldnt real your stupid thener brad pitt


me encanta roobert, pero me parece que lo mejor que a echo a sido la saga de crepusculo,por cierto espero que salga con bella


it fake its from an ad for american apparel undies go to their website and its in the pics for just the regular briefs!! i wish it was real though


ooo diioozz qee paapii
I looveee roobeert ii loovee youu! baabyy;¨^


tu es trop beau tu es un sex symbol je t'aime grave laisse moi un message sur mon E-Mail bon a plus je t'aime comme une folle


Sorry guys, it's a fake :(
Check out http://store.americanapparel.c...
It's the same body...


OMG - how blind are you people??!?!?? HE HAS NO HANDS!!! OR FEET!!!!! IDIOTS lol


deff fake. he has little nubs for hands and while his face may look cute, it kinda seems like the body of a teenage boy. i think rob is wayyy hotter than this. LOVE YOU ROB

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