Reed Kelly is Dating Clay Aiken

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Clay Aiken has a new boyfriend.

According to the latest issue of Star, the singer is dating Broadway dancer Reed Kelly.

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"Everybody knows Reed as Clay's guy," a Broadway insider said of the Wicked cast member. "Clay met him when he was doing Spamalot in early 2008, and that's one of the reasons he came back to the show again."

When Aiken and Kelly appeared together at Rosie O'Donnell's Building Dreams for Kids gala last month, "it was obvious they were a couple," a source reports.

The American Idol finalist came out of the closet in September, following the birth of his son with Jaymes Foster.


This "persica" person needs to get a life. Just because Clay didn't say the words "Reed is my boyfriend" in a press conference doesn't mean that they aren't dating. It seems obvious that Clay and Reed are aware how the media machine works. (Clay being brought into it from AI on and Reed's family is in politics) I am sure they knew what statement they were making with images rather than words. It's more of a "here we are, no big deal" than being like "let's go on Good Morning America again". I am a huge fan of Clay and we are all very happy for him if he is happy. Reed seems to have filled that space that has seemed to be empty for him. I wish them well!


"Persica" You sound like you work for Clay Aiken's press department or something. They can try to spin this anyway they want, but those two are dating. Naturally Clay wasn't going to be honest when he said the only man in his life is his son! He wasn't going to tell anyone about Reed, because he has never been honest about anything. He always has to be "caught" and then try to back pedal out of things rather than being respectable. I hope this Reed kid knows what he has gotten himself into and that it is worth it for him. And who gives a f*ck about Jaymes anyway?! This has nothing to do with her.


Oh no! Yet another "source" or "insider" rumor in the Star. I've been a fan of Clays since 2003 and wish him much happiness. However, I take anything like this with a grain of salt. Clay recently said the only man in his life at this point is his son. Unless Clay confirms this, it's just a rumor. But it is hilarious how the tabloids and internet sites create stories. :-)


Kelly needs a nose job. He may well be dating Clay but most of that article is doubtful, like Jaymes lives in LA and Clay has sole custody of Parker. Don't think so.


It says they have been dating since Clay was in New York the last time for Spamalot, so that could be anywhere from like 7 months to a year.


I knew it was true. Clay Nation call them "The Relay", f*ing funny nickname if you ask me. Does anyone know how long they have been together tho?

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