Rachel Zoe: Bringin' Rib Cage Chic Back

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Step aside, Olsen Twins.

Take a hike, Kate Bosworth.

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

Don't even front, Shenae Grimes.

You food-eschewing stars can officially worship a new queen: Rachel Zoe. Bow down, bitches! Just try not to get too close. Her bones could shatter on contact.

And we thought the Rachel Zoe Project was just a crappy reality show. Apparently it's an ongoing effort to see how long a human can starve itself without dying.

Here's the victim rocking her signature look, which she dubs "Rig Cage Chic," at last night’s Cracked X-Mas event in L.A. Lookin' good, Rachel. Lookin' GOOD!


Heehee, Mickey looks like a real tough nut, check the hard stare!Same sofa? Wow, that's quite weird but pretty cool .do you hate it as much as I do? (Oh how I wish we'd gone for shintomeg smaller, fixed covers and leather .bloody thing takes me a day to vacuum and plump and the beasts watch and wait to jump straight back on .*sigh*)


Rodger if you really love Rachel you'll save her from herself. She needs counseling for the emotional issues and eating disorder and "Hello the Vertigo" did it ever occur to anyone that she is starving and that her brain is malnourished causing the nausea and dizziness. Good grief man get a grip on reality and make her see the truth. Don't let "I Die" be more than a catch phrase.


JE*US...GIVE the woman some food.... IS that attractive to men? I think she looks like a starvation case. I'm fit, athletic and I would NEVER want to look like that....GROSS


That's plain horrible. How can anyone think being that skinny looks good? She looks like a lollipop!!!


Normally I'd praise her for the xylophone but the girl is fugly regardless of how thin she is.

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