Please God No: Speidi Looking to Procreate

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt believe their marriage will last for eternity - and the quote-unquote newlyweds already have babies on the brain.

"A little birdie told me that you were tryin' [for kids]," the incomparable Ryan Seacrest asked Spencer on the former's radio show this afternoon.

"We definitely need a kid ASAP," Pratt said.

Heidi Montag has a different plan, however.

"I don't want kids for a long time. You've got to keep your youth, your body as long as you can. I feel like when I'm 30, we will," The Hills' plastic princess said.

Montag and Pratt's eloping in Mexico shocked many, including mom Darlene Egelhoff, who even suggested that Spencer may have drugged her daughter in order to get her to marry him. But Heidi believes her mother has since seen the light.

"She loves Spencer and she always says she’s never seen anyone treat someone as well as Spencer treats me," Montag said. "I think mothers are just shocked at first because all moms would be, but she’s really come around.”

Meanwhile, in tonight's season finale of The Hills, Montag makes amends at long, long last with her one-time BFF-turned enemy, Lauren Conrad.

"You've got to stay tuned for tonight, but I think Lauren and I both have had a lot that's happened in our lives and we’re older now," Montag said.

"For me personally, I’ve missed her. That was my best friend and it's hard when that's taken out of your life. I think for both of us we just wanted some kind of closure in one way or another. It was really really good to see her."

For that and Speidi supposedly making its sham wedding legal, tune in tonight!


oh my god heidi needs to wake up! my mom loves spencer!! er no she doesnt!! how could anyone love that rat!! oh the gruesome twosome as they're known in England need to sort their lives out!! god! horrible pathetic excuse for a couple!


Heidi and Spencer have to be the most desperate hungry media hounds I have ever seen. Enough already....if they are so happy why do they need to show it so often?


LOL, marie you're so ridiculous!!!


Why?! WHY?! Why would they lash out at the world like this?! Two of them was a nightmare but anymore and I go over there and make sure Spencer will never be able to have kids of his own!


This show has become downright stupid. Are the young women in the audience so ignorant that they can't see they are being manipulated? They only did this wedding thing to make Spencer look good in the end. Boycott MTV


I was so happy to see heidi & LC together again. I was so shock to see heidie & spencer get married. Wish the best for them. It was the most exciseding epasode yet. I'm sad to see the hills go. I wish the best for everyone in their new begings of their chapter.

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