Pink Mauls Pink in New Music Video

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Courtenay Semel is totally gonna pretend to fantasize about this.

In her music video for "Sober," Pink may have officially jumped the shark by playing all the characters. Unfortunately, this means Pink holds Pink's hair while Pink boots in the toilet. But on the flip side, Pink and Pink get it on!

The bedroom scene, in which sees Pink grabs and bites Pink while being mounted by Pink, may not be hot (it's Pink, people) but it's intriguing just the same. If, say, Britney Spears ripped off this idea, the effect might work better ...


'Pink may have officially jumped the shark by playing all the characters.' I do not think it means what you think it means. On a seperate note, Pink gets hotter each year.


Um, get a life Well um! PINK is smoking hot and whoever says otherwise needs to take a good look in the mirror at themselves. How can a chick with an awsome fit body, flawless skin and a killer voice not be hot getting it on with herself!


I agree with HollywoodGossip. While she's certainly talented, certain parts of the video were just . . . creepy. That really wasn't necessary.


Its laughable that u think Britney Spears can do better in this video. That train wreck has the sex appeal of a pile of dog turd on a sidewalk. Pink on the other hand has really cleaned up her act and if u saw her at the AMA's, this girls got a phat bootay, cute face and great pipes. She's hawt and the video's hawt. 'nuff said.

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