More Jennifer Aniston Photos from GQ

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Jennifer Aniston posed naked for the cover of GQ's January 2009 issue. Perhaps you've heard, and salivated.

The actress donned a few layers of clothing for other shots in the pictorial, however.

And while they aren't as drool-inducing as the cover pose, these GQ images are still worth a glance or two dozen:

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  • Not So Nude
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Isn't it sad that even in today's society of equal rights and no glass ceilings on womens careers and salaries that to be considered a success and a woman you have to be married and have children? Grow the f**k up u sad little loser. BTW in case you've forgotten she was married but some home wreaking, husband stealing wh**e got in the middle of that! Just because someone isn't married and doesn't have children by the time their 40 doesn't make them unsuccessful. She is a beautiful, dignified and kind hearted person and all these pictures do is show this. Oh and my mother was married at 42 and had me a 45 (and followed later with more children) so it doesn't mean her time is up if she did choose to follow that path, and maybe then you backward individuals who are doing womens rights a great disservice will consider this popular and talented actress a success.


still not married at 40, no children hmmmm .... if thats the only way that she can get attention, then she truly is ... a poor, rich and sad case!


She looks good. Nice pictures...


go go go youre so hot and sexy too. thats miss aniston!!!
wishing all the best and good luck to your love life...