Michael Phelps Denies Caroline Pal Relationship, Photo

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Michael Phelps can swim faster than any human being that has ever lived.

But that doesn't mean he can allude celebrity gossip photographers and their supposedly mischievous plans.

Michael Phelps at the ESPYs

On Friday's Live With Regis and Kelly, the Olympic gold medalist said he was NOT dating Caroline Pal (or anyone at all), despite apparent photo evidence to the contrary.

Michael Phelps is stoked to be an Olympic champion. An object of celebrity gossip reports and pictures? Not so much.

When asked about new picture of him and a huge-breasted woman that certainly resembles Pal, taken at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday, Phelps replied:

"[The photographers] pose the girl up next to me as I get out of the car, and she follows me in. I was like, 'Oh wow, you guys are pretty original - pose somebody next to me to make it look like we're together!'"

Phelps said he "never [saw the woman in question] before in my life!"

Do you believe him?

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OMG michael phelps is awsome!!!!!!!


Good gosh........ I'm so happy Michael cleared that up. SHUCKS!!!! A stripper..... I'm sure she expects everyone to respect her cause he is making an honest living and not doing something illegal. Dream on!!! you did your job now get lost I mean Caroline WHOOOOO? Michael baby you got more class that that junk in the trunk....


May be. Coz its much better than Pal bitch's lies.. I dont think hed take sucha cheap lass to see his mother..there are other girls...