Lily Allen Covers "Womanizer"

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Lily Allen and Britney Spears have things in common.

Making a living at music and being drunken messes, to name a few.

Well, the mega-wreck and British songstress are now linked in a different way, thanks to Lily Allen's new cover of Britney's hit "Womanizer."

Don't get us wrong, the original version is catchy. But it's interesting to hear the song performed by someone who can actually carry a tune, and without the monotonous, annoying techno beat. We're just sayin'. Here's Allen's rendition ...

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Totally agree with Lizz, above. I think Lily Allen makes this song her own, and changes it in a good way.


Intresting. I think i prefer Britney's but Lily is a much better signer, all Britney's songs now are in this weird electronic voice and not her real voice. I would like to hear her sing normally with no special effects and no big production, just singing.


The original was annoying after hearing it EVERYWHERE but this is just bloody ridiculous!


Im sorry ClassyKtn but I totally disagree. Lily has nothing on Britney Spears. Britney is an INTERNATIONAL star, while Lily is pretty much known for her partying and as 'the trashy Brit girl' and is only popular in Britain. Besides, they have totally different styles in everything they do. Britany is the Princess of Pop. Alaways will be. Lily is just plain druggy trash.


They are pulling this recording off the internet as we speak everywhere for infringement upon copywright so enjoy it while you can. Lilly Allen nails this song better than Britney could ever dream. Get permission to the rights and record it! Love it!!!


I think that is horrendous.