Kristen Stewart is Dating Michael Angarano

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In the new, blockbuster movie Twilight, Kristen Stewart's character falls in love with a vampire.

In real life, however, this actress' heart belongs to actor Michael Angarano (pictured below, right). The pair has been dating for the past few months.

Kristen, Robert and Taylor

As for Stewart's scorching hit professional life, she says Twilight’s sequel, New Moon, could start filming as early as March 2009. Director Catherine Hardwicke agrees, recently telling MTV:

“I would say that the film could be finished by the end of 2009, if not the beginning of 2010; cameras could be rolling in about five months."

Did you see Twilight? What did you think of it?

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i love Michael but kristen and robert pattison should go out because like u just look sooo right together and besides like probably Michael would get another girl friend, but thats my opinion but i still think that u and robert are the bomb (excuse my lame word)


There is something between them, he's making too many comments like he believes in love at first sight
he loves a talents women
kristen is the reason he wanted this movie shes very talents
he dreams of her
when he falls in love he will write them letters every day. it's like he's courting her full force and once they get back on that set with the next three books having more make out scenes its on. it will be like Michael whooooo.


you shouldn't go out with him ewwwwwwwwwwwwww


i think that maybe, she will fall in love with Rob because this happens in the films like this, some actress fall in love with her maybe dont and he still in love like a good actress that not merge her personal life in her job. who knows?=== but they dont have so many pics together, you know, the mediums...


kristen you must date ROBERT PATTINSON.........
yackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk maybe michael should date
danielle panabaker................
michael is sooooooooooooooo not the drama........


omg just shut up.
isnt it much much MUCH better that shes NOT dating robert?
jeese you people are idiots.
she should deff stay with micheal, it'd be simply HORRIBLE if her and robert do go out. grrr. im mad at the thought.


eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! why is kristen dating michael? she should date ROBERT PATTINSON!!!!


hopefully they were strong enough. Rob and kristen is having a magic chemistry and they would do anything to make it real for their film.
In the end, the truth is no body knew who is possible she's date with. Even she has speak it out lauds. people just need to be realized robert pattinson is not edward, how sweet edward is and etc,etc.
robert is robert, he is human and he is an actors. no matter what we love about edward but pattinson just like any other actors. that is it.
twilight is really a heartthrob Romans movie and the book is absolutely awesome, but it's only fiction.


Isus Krist motorist, od kud vama pravo da joj odredujete s kim ce bit??? Pa ona to sama odlucuje, ajde ju prisilite da bude s Robertom... I mean realy... Comme on... Its just a movie, Bella and Edward are different than Kirsten and Robert... Few comments up are so WEIRD!!! A de je... muhaha...


well...i dont care who she dates, i mean, does it matter? will it afect us in any way?, i think not, and i know that she doesnt read this stuff her self so no matter how much you try to talk to her she wont care so even know rob is good looking doesnt mean that HE!!!is the perfact boyfriend. i dont know how i got to this website but i think that people should just live his or her life.

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