Kristen Stewart is Dating Michael Angarano

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In the new, blockbuster movie Twilight, Kristen Stewart's character falls in love with a vampire.

In real life, however, this actress' heart belongs to actor Michael Angarano (pictured below, right). The pair has been dating for the past few months.

Kristen, Robert and Taylor

As for Stewart's scorching hit professional life, she says Twilight’s sequel, New Moon, could start filming as early as March 2009. Director Catherine Hardwicke agrees, recently telling MTV:

“I would say that the film could be finished by the end of 2009, if not the beginning of 2010; cameras could be rolling in about five months."

Did you see Twilight? What did you think of it?

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Bebe,Jeri,Zee how would u feel if your Best friend found him /her other half and U dated him/her even it was there soul mate. U would feel horable cuz were human and thats how it is. yes twilight isnt real but LOVE is.


kristen u may think im wrong but i KNOW im not. I dont see how you can find your soul mate,Robert,your other half,and not be with him PLEASE im begging u dont make that mistake.


All i can say is that Kristen must be either 100% blind or just stupid coz anbody would agree with me that Robert is better looking. For instance who would you pick out of these? Robert Pattinson or Daniel radcliffe. I myself would pick Robert coz he is actually better looking than Daniel & also a much better actor 2. Plus i don't like the look of Kristen bf Michael coz he looks well ugly. i'm being totally honest. They might actually not be dating in real life but there is definatley chemistry between them & i bet either of them can deniy that. I say RP&KS 4 ever IDST. XOXO


Well nini for you and rob to ``juz click`` maybe you should first get his name right!!!


Yah.. Go krisTen,,, miChael is PretTy hanDsomE..


kristen ure just crazy!!!!u have rob pattinson and u want michael???nooooooooo!!!!rob is the best and there is so much girls who wants himm!!!


I personally think that Rob & Kristen's on screen chemistry sucked. And I don't see what everyone's talking about. In real life her & Rob would make a terrible couple, they're total opposites. Half the time Rob doesn't even know what to do with himself. And why is it that everyone who wants them together in real life cant even spell right!


This is going to be such and angelina and brad story!!! LOL!! they fell in love on set too!!! But kristen and robert have this magic when they are together its so hard not to believe that something isnt going on here!! Why havent they done an interview with the boyfriend and ask what he thinks of all this??? Plus the interviews that robert does uh??? hello people the man is soooo honest and holds nothing back!! You soooo know he has a thing for kristen!! And whats holding kristen back from saying what she feels and wants to say is her fugly b/f!! Robert really brings a smile and glow to her its cute if they did hook up in real life!!!


Seriously!!! I dont know how long these two have been dating!! But between them two i see no chemistry out all the way i see it when shes with robert! It soooo different and her face glows when shes around robert!!! With this guy she just looks so blah around him even in pics!!! dont you think?? I mean if i think they'll end up breaking up sooner or later...Its a powerful chemistry!! Look at angelina and brad...hey! it happens!! At least kisten can just leave she aint married!!! Well what ever happens! Hope shes happy!!


totally agree
Michael doesn't deserve to be with KRISTEN !!
Kristen I'm sure you'll be very happy with Rob Patt ..
If you don't want to be with him i'll snatch him !!
I'm sure because I'm crazy in love with him ^^ .
but I'd prefer to see you with him so just grab him !!
I LOVE YOU BOTH //SasoriYuki// Dattebayo!

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