Is Joanna Pacitti the Next American Idol?

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Joanna Pacitti. Remember the name.

This former member of the Geffen Records team is one of the rumored contestants to have made it through to Hollywood on season eight of American Idol.

Here's a bit of background information on this potential finalist:

  • Pacitti was signed to Geffen Records in 2006;
  • Her debut album "This Crazy Life," was released on August 15 of that year;
  • In 1996, at the age of six, the singer was fired from a Broadway revival of Annie prior to its opening. Her parents sued the producers for $50 million and the case was eventually settled out of court;
  • In 2003, she appeared on MTV’s True Life, which followed a trio of kids trying to break into the music business.

So, could Joanna Pacitti be your next American Idol? Watch the video for her first single, "Let It Slide," and let us know:


I still prefer the original intent of the show to find unknown's. Some people need a first chance. Obviously she is making a living in the music business so it's time to look for new talent. The show shouldn't be about D list singers getting another chance.


I saw her at the Tabernacle in Altanta Ga. with Nick Lachey, she has an amazing voice, I'd like to see her go all the way!!! Everyone needs a second chance!!!


Joanna was actually around 10 (not 6) when she was fired from Annie. I remember her from the Turning Point special with Barbara Walters. She had an amazing voice.


Joanna is actually an amazing singer no matter what this jake and mary highhorse duo say. I've been following her career for a while now, watched every video on youtube to see what she's all about, and let me tell you.. she's got a voice more powerful than some would think to give her credit for because THEY DON'T KNOW who she is or what she's capable of. Watch her rendition of The Star Spangled Banner on youtube and then decide. My guess is that she'll easily make it into the top 10 and then all my votes will go to her for the win!


Failure---Must be a reason why,not like she hasn't had a number of chances. Even if she makes the show don't think she will last for long and then it will be one more strike out for someone who probably should look for another line of work or else resign herself to being a backup singer


She has been failing for 12 years. Needs to find a new line of work


Maybe??? maybe not???/ her voice is great ,she is pretty and deal or no deal (NOT THE SHOW LOL) she evidently wants it bad or she wouldnt be there. I believe everyone needs several chances at what they dream of. I lookes and almost everything she has and it seems like a lot are duplicated on a lot of sites So I hope she does ok and there are probably gonna be a lot of people that had things before and some none so may the best win Also I believe in life everything in our lives has been planned out before we are born. Good luck to all the contestants season 8 I CANT WAIT


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