Is Joanna Pacitti the Next American Idol?

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Joanna Pacitti. Remember the name.


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    tonight on idol you let that young kid with lil cliff hair do bout 2nd or 3rd singer go?he was serious at first but hit his high notes to the maxx?and instead you take the last singer in blue shirt n put him through?this is the worse year of judging ive seen,even the 2 gays needed a chance to belt out their voices,is this show serious?worse set of contestants ive seen yet,you let that young kid go tonight n he hit every high note,its always uh yer a lil pitchy,uh you look nice tonight n uh your pathetic,you let that kid go tonight n put through the dark skinned guy in blue shirt?you guys trippin?bad choices,n why not an american senior idol just once?were not dead.amen


    i am so done watching american idol. i hope she gets voted off. she already jhad her years of fame, and they obviously didnt work out. she shouldn;t of been able to be on there. ya she is hood but let other people have this


    I heard about her from a friend back in 06-07 and bought her cd. As we have the same taste in music, it was a good choice and I loved her voice. I was actually happy to see her on Idol last night. I wondered what happened to her. As soon as I knew it was her I was like omg, i have that girl's cd! LOL. I actually love the cd. I dug through a pile of cds last night and found it and put it on my ipod so I could listen to it today. Maybe the timing was not right last time, maybe it is this time. It's all about timing. I do not think that she highlighted her voice very well last night, or maybe it was because I was not really familiar with that song...but I think she has more to offer than that.


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    I had never heard of her before...and I am from Philly. She has every right to pursue her dream! Joanna seems to have what it takes to make it in this business- looks, talent and determination. She should be so proud of herself. There is nothing to be ashamed of for picking yourself up after a fall..HELLO PEOPLE. Some would call that SUCCESS in and of itself. I myself like that. She is just gorgeous and equally talented. Humble. Sweet. I predict a big win for her on Idol. People should know that many Idol contestants and even past winners have had record deals and some experience in the biz (Kristy Lee Cook, David Cook, kelly Clarkson!)...most of these pros were kids with immense talent that could not go unnoticed!! ...but IDOL was undoubtedly their big break...Go for it Joanna...your Philly fans are rooting you on!


    She has a good voice but there's something missing there in her stage presence or something. She'll definitely make the top 10 but I don't think she'll win the whole thing. She's had many opportunities to break into the music business before that haven't panned out for her. Since she loves the entertainment industry so much maybe she should try acting in TV/movies or Broadway again. There's nothing wrong with that. We'll just have to wait and see.


    Top 10 for sure - I predict she's going to win!


    Joanna is obviously not making a living in the music industry or she wouldn't be auditioning for American Idol. I also looked her up on YOUTUBE and she has an AMAZING voice - In the music industry I believe timing is a key factor. I also believe artists today need a platform to get their music out there - If it weren't for TV shows - the majority of new artists would not have made it = Before you critize - take a look at her videos on YOUTUBE. I am pretty sure you will change your mind - I honestly think she has a better voice that a lot of artists selling millions of records right now. EVERYONE deserves a second chance - This is obviously what she wants to do for a living - give her a chance to show what she is made of....


    yes She is a great singer and has the same chance as anyone else on American idol. Especially this year. Everyone in the top 50 had so many things before. One that had a deal with Electra Records,one who self produced and put out 6 albums another is on a tv show so I will vote for Joanna.


    The intent of the show was to find unknown talent not give D list singers a second or third chance. Some people need a first chance. It won't matter because she is ok but not great.

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