Heidi and Spencer Wearing Rings, Looking Plastic

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The fake honeymoon is over, but the publicity tour never stops.

Newlyweds Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag hit up the 4th annual "Road To A Cure" gala last night at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Clad in a leopard-print dress, Heidi flashed a rather large ring. It is not clear whether said rock is related to their quote-unquote secret wedding.

Her nose, boobs and lips are fake, though. That we know. Here's a photo of The Hills stars, who may or may not be legally married, at the event ...

Speidi For a Cure

Good to see Spencer Pratt took the time to shave for the event. Click to enlarge more pictures of Heidi Montag and her pimp/possible husband below ...

Hi There, Girls!
Spencer and Heidi Image
A Pimp and His Ho
Dweebs For a Good Cause

Oh Dear God!! They are the most hideous couple in all of God's history!! What a couple of dirty famew***e's! Get over yourselves. I wish Heidi could see what a dirty little scumbag Spencer is! Thank God marriage isn't usually forever anymore! Their both so plastic it actually hurts my eyes! And you'd think that they'd be able to afford some decent ring's with all the money they have! Losers! I wonder if their marriage or relationhship will last once the Hills end's and their just a couple of the usual attention seeking losers that live in L.A!


a horse marrying a horse at least their kids wont be inbreds


It's just you


Is it just me or does she look... *gulp* pregnant? Just great! All we need are more barbie clones!

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