Fantasia: Foreclosed!

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First, Jodie Sweetin. Now, Fantasia Barrino.

The third season champion on American Idol is about to be evicted from one of her two Charlotte properties, as records show the six-bedroom mansion has been foreclosed on.

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Unless the Grammy-nominated performer can make owed payments, the 6,232 square-foot home will be auctioned off on January 12. She bought the home in March 2007 for $1.3 million.

Note to Fantasia: spend less money on ridiculous outfits and more on mortgage payments.


Fantasia if they take that one, God will allow you to sing for another one, maybe that isn't the one you need in your NEW season...don't worry about what folks say, you knew when you got your spot in the light you would have to endure this kind of nonsense, but just know that God is NOT mocked, if you sow a good seed you will reap a great harvest.. so let the haters which include the news media have their moment....
just sing "HOW GREAT THOU ART" because he is great even at a time such as this.


First off the home is in Foreclosure it has NOT been foreclosed on as you so erroneously stated! If she can bring the payments current before the January 2009 sale date then she can keep her home. Make sure you report the facts next time and stop starting shyte.