Criss Angel Gives Holly Madison a Ring, Less Wrinkly Sex

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Kendra Wilkinson is engaged to Hank Baskett.

Might fellow Playboy model and reality TV star Holly Madison be next?

Holly and Hefner

Not yet, according to Madison's new boyfriend Criss Angel.

Holly Madison assumes her usual position with boyfriend Criss Angel.

The annoying magician got Hugh Hefner's ex a diamond ring for her birthday last week - but it wasn't that kind of ring, Angel says.

“Everybody is going to think the ring is an engagement ring when they see it. Don’t let all the rumors start... when I do get engaged, I’d have a much bigger ring that would really be bank-busting expensive."

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please, i hate holly and criss together!!! Criss, youll get your fans back if u dump her skankey ass shes a dumb blonde bimbo, and if u did marry her shed divorce u and take everything!!!!!!!! do the smart thing let her go!!!


Well, before he can marry he first has to divorce his current wife. Unless Holly likes living the polygamist lifestyle :-}


I can't stand Holly she is such a user, I think all the girls next door are. They got what they wanted from Hugh, new faces bodies and they think careers. They aren't never going to be on top in show business.


I wish Criss the best. But since his show opened (which I actually liked), Criss MADISON has been getting press only for his skanky relationship to this golddigger. I cannot believe he is this blind/stupid. I've seen Holly be 'rude/pouty' to his Great Mom a couple of times (when Criss' back is turned) and the fact that anyone could be rude to that Sweet Generous Woman makes me ill - Wake up Criss - don't be so blind. RUN (the face she is showing you is not her real one) She's overly clingy, needy and immature. If you end up impregnating her, all of your attention will go to meeting her needs and making your life miserable, while you are at her beck & call (at least for the next 2 yrs.), instead of concentrating on your career. Cut her loose - its not the right timing Criss.
You can do sooooooooooo much better - you are a doll.