Celebrities Flock to Christmas Lakers Game

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The Lakers are the hottest ticket in L.A. - at least when the happen to be playing the World Champions. Yesterday, the heated Lakers-Boston Celtics rivalry resumed and numerous stars ventured to the Staples Center to take in the action.

For instance, here's Snoop Dogg, wife Shante Broadus and Boston's own Dane Cook cheering on their respective teams. Yeah, we know, it's no Zanessa ...

Snoop Dogg, Dane Cook

Click to enlarge more pictures of celebs (including a DJ AM sighting!) at yesterday's big NBA contest, which was somehow won by Los Angeles, 92-83 ...

Mark Wahlberg, Daughter
DJ AM Sighting!
Samuel L. Jackson Picture
Prince and Girlfriend
Adam Sandler

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]


its very common for celebs to watch basketball games. well at leats there not caught pissed drunk or on drugs when theyre pics taken this time. but sunglasses on snoop doggy style..hello weres the sun


Snoop killed it in his 30 second freestyle!!!

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