Brody Jenner: The "Bromance" Trailer

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The Bromance begins December 29 on MTV.

What is a Bromance, exactly? Well, for Brody Jenner, it means finding a new member for his posse, because if there's anything that can keep his hectic life grounded, it's the support of good friends. Bros before hos 4 lyfe, people.

Brody and BFF Frankie Delgado will narrow a field of nine aspiring dudes down to one lucky winner, after many rigorous tasks and hot tub elimination ceremonies.

Really. Check out the trailer for Brody's new reality show below - and watch for the cameo by the great Spencer Pratt, who created the opening he's trying to fill!


One word - Tacky!


This show may have a shorter run than the Princes of Malibu which lasted all of 2 episodes. Nobody cares about Brodouche Jenner. His 15 minutes were up a long time ago.

Brody Jenner Quotes

[Spencer bails on Brody's BBQ]
Brody Jenner: Just stop flaking out. I mean if you're going to make plans with me then just stick with it.
Spencer Pratt: You're a lot like LC over here.
Brody Jenner: I understand that you're in love. But it just sucks when you just flake out on your homies like this all the time.

You said you've been a bachelor for 23 years... that's good because you're about to get married, and you won't have any sex. I know some married couples, dude. They don't have sex!

Brody Jenner [trying to talk Spencer Pratt out of his engagement to Heidi Montag]
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