Bristol Palin to Have a Boy; Due Date is Saturday

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The first grandchild of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will be a boy, her father, Chuck Heath, revealed to the website, which apparently exists.

Heath, who apparently needs some money or attention, said that his pregnant granddaughter, Bristol Palin, has a due date of December 20 - this Saturday!

Melissa Rycroft, Baby

Asked what Bristol and her baby-daddy-turned-fiance Levi Johnston will name their baby, Heath answered, "Oscar ... No, I'm just kidding." Good one, Chuck!

Seen here at the RNC in August, Bristol Palin cradles baby brother Trig while Levi Johnston stares solemnly at the floor, lamenting not using a condom.

In reality, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston don't have a name for it yet, but there are 87 boxes of unopened mail that might contain some suggestions.

Here are some baby names we think would be fitting of Sarah Palin's grandson. Vote for your favorite, and/or leave a comment with your own!


At least Bristol values life unlike others who choose to do the convenient thing. And shame on all of you so called tolerant people who can't wait to hack to death anyone in the media for doing the right thing!Children are a gift and everyone should have a chance at life. God gave us the right to choose not man. Merry Christmas from a Christian.


It's time to grow up and get a life Free Britney.


How about following the Palin family tradition of short male names beginning with T.........TWEAK

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