Brangelina to Expand its Brood?

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According to Star Magazine, Brangelina is inching closer to its very own softball team of children.

The celebrity gossip tabloid claims Angelina Jolie is popping prenatal vitamins, visiting her ob-gyn and undergoing secret fertility treatments in order to get knocked up with another set of twins.

Pretty Couple

"Angie's doctors told her that she has a strong chance of conceiving twins if she does it within two years after having her first pair," a source told Star. "She's been seeing a fertility doctor regularly. She and Brad are monitoring when she's fertile. And they're trying really hard in the bedroom!"

Whoa, TMI, Star!

Two more children would raise Brangelina's baby count to eight.


She has very week hair, ugly handa and toes, more tattoes then a sailor, too big a mouth.I even do not to mentioned the '
'bust'' surgeries, but would like to mentioned her perve3ted sex life.Sleeping with her own brother since she was teenerger, sedusing her mother boyfriend, proud to''be falling in love with women'' .finally she found one really rich man to support her brood and being ''drama quine'' to play with his feelings for the children and manipulating him throut sex he did not know existwill come to end.
Brat,ask for DNA on the children and get out of that strange, sick relationship. Good luck.


Both of these individuals do everything as a calculated move. They are both attention seeking media whores. He is a cheater, she is a home wrecker collecting or giving birth to kids to keep
Brad interested.


These people really need to stop having kids. They act like kids are collectibles.. i guess its easy to have as many kids as they do when they dont need to raise them all by themselves.. GET A TASTE OF REAL PARENTHOOD AND RAISE YOUR KIDS YOURSELVES.. U DONT NEED 10 KIDS! get a better hobby!

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